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воскресенье, 25 марта 2018 г.

Scarlett Johansson, the sorcerer (11 photo)

Every Tuesday, Paris Match offers you its Sexy Match collection. Now it's Scarlett Johansson's turn.

For many, Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful actress in the world. The dreamlike physique of this American actress of Danish origin makes men and women from all over the world dream. Pulpy lips, azure eyes, plunging neckline, she possesses this body recognizable between thousand. Elegant and explosive, desirable and provocative at the same time. Like a beautiful goddess, she conquered the whole Hollywood.

Because beyond its appearance, Scarlett has established itself as a sure value in US cinema. Better one of the most bankable box-office stars, making hundreds of millions of dollars a year! It must be said that his talent is brilliant; his films have marked the last ten years: from "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" to "Lucy" via "Lost in Translation", "Match Point", "La jeune fille à la perle" and of course the trilogy "Avengers". Whether superhero, android or seductive, Scarlett plays her characters like no one else and ignites the big screen. I'm sorry, she's bewitching.

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Patrice Chapon, the master of chocolate

Soon Easter! This is the opportunity to meet one of the rare craftsmen to ensure the entire manufacturing process, from the cocoa bean to the gourmet egg.
This Peugeot 203 of the 1950s was converted into a mobile foam bar.

It's a tiled shop that looks like it came out of a Tim Burton film, where, in the middle of the cocoa scent, the raw wood furniture rubs shoulders with an old machine that roasts the precious beans. A wall covered with shelves surmounts glass bells housing each of the cocoa fragments, whose bewitching scent we are invited to smell. Patrice Chapon is an explorer of taste.

Since 1986, he has been travelling the world in search of the small producers that he has found in the heart of the Brazilian forests or at the bottom of the Sambirano valley in Madagascar, populated by mygales and royal pythons: "These are hacienda cocoa, which I buy very expensive, to convince producers not to sell them to the cocoa industry.

I look at the beans after they dry and check that they are perfect, of a beautiful color. Then, I roast them in Chelles, near Paris, before proceeding to the conching (which lasts twenty-four hours and whose goal is to remove acidity)".
In his moss bar, in Paris, Patrice Chapon serving a chocolate mousse.

Chapon is the only chocolate maker who does not use soya lecithin or cocoa butter. His passion is pure, concentrated, intense cocoa, a blessing of nature, rich in vitamins and minerals and free of any chemicals during its agriculture. Its cocoa trees grow in an almost virgin environment, between mango, eucalyptus, banana, hibiscus and vanilla trees, which communicate their perfumes to cocoa.
Milk chocolate and dark chocolate egg garnished with caramelized cashew nuts, filled with fries and mini-Easter eggs, 35 €.© Philippe Petit / Paris Match

In his shop, he has created a chocolate mousse bar that reconciles us with this dessert often too sweet. Each was made from a unique terroir cocoa: Ecuador (rose petal notes), Madagascar (cherry aromas), Venezuela (100% sugar-free cocoa: an explosion of dried fruits!), Peru (blackberry, ginger) and Ghana (spicy and intense nutmeg taste). Thus it is possible to appreciate the taste and the quintessence of each of these particular vintages. Enthusiastic, the Queen of England made Patrice Chapon her ice cream maker for chocolate ice cream...

Mosses are served here in cones or 100 gram (6.20 €) jars. Besides cocoa, Chapon uses only organic eggs and good cane sugar, no vanilla, no preservatives, no orange peel, he is also the first craftsman to use the cocoa pulp that covers the bean and is necessary for its fermentation. From this pulp he makes sorbets and drinks with the incredible taste of lychee.

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воскресенье, 7 января 2018 г.

Inside about the price for Dogecoins for six months.

January 2018 1 cent
february 2 cents
march 4 cents
april 8 cents
may 16 cents
june 32 cents
july 50 cents
August $ 1

For information you can throw a couple of coins on any purse.

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среда, 3 января 2018 г.


Beyoncé, Eminem and The Weeknd will be the headliners of Coachella's influential American music festival, the organizers of the rally announced on Tuesday, which for the first time will not have a rocker as their main attraction.
The festival, which takes place in the Californian desert in April on two consecutive weekends with the same programming, will mark the great return of Beyoncé, which will be the first concert since she gave birth to twins last June.
The pop star had promised last year that she would perform this year (13-15 and 20-22 April) after having to give up Coachella on the advice of his doctors, replaced by Lady Gaga.
The rapper Eminem will be the other big name of Coachella, back on stage after the release of his album "Revival" last month.
The Canadian R & B singer The Weeknd, who has exploded in recent years, will for the first time figurehead for this festival in which he has already participated.
This choice of Coachella is just one more sign that the traditional rock bands are losing ground on the American cultural chessboard, nibbled by the hip-hop which gleaned for the first time the majority of the nominations at the latest Grammy Awards.
Even though the gondola heads have changed, many rockers will still be present in April, such as The War on Drugs or alt-J.
The 2018 edition will also mark the first steps of the French Jean-Michel Jarre to Coachella, he who made his first American tour last year.

среда, 15 ноября 2017 г.

Beautiful girls from the USA, Russia, Japan, Germany and others.

Probably every girl wants to be beautiful and sexy. One gets beauty from nature, and others use all modern methods of cosmetology to become a model of beauty. Sexy and beautiful girls love themselves, so they try to fix every moment of their life. Next, we can see pictures of beautiful girls from the USA, Russia, Japan, Germany and others.

100 photo)

вторник, 14 ноября 2017 г.

How to quickly charge your iPhone before you go to work

For the fastest recharge, you can resort to special "tricks".

New models of iPhone 8 and iPhone X support fast charging.

With a compatible adapter, they are charged 50% in about 30 minutes and 80% in almost an hour. In most cases, this will be enough for a full-time job, writes

Older models do not support fast charging, for maximum fast recharge will have to resort to special tricks.

1. Use a more powerful charger

Apple boxes the iPhone with weak charging, even the Apple USB Power Adapter 12W adapter from the iPad (model code MD836ZM-A) can significantly shorten the charging time of the iPhone. The cost of the adapter is about 1,600 rubles.

2. Turn on Air Mode

So the smartphone will be charged more quickly with the full charge. Most of the energy is spent on transferring data over Wi-Fi and maintaining the signal of the cellular network. If you remove these two factors, the charging time will be shortened.

3. Turn on power save mode

If you need to use a smartphone during the morning, you can turn on the power saving mode. This will reduce the performance of the device, some services and network activity will be disabled.

Enable the power saving mode in the Settings - Battery menu, in addition, you can add a quick switch to enable the mode in the lower curtain (Settings - Control item - Configure controls).

In this mode, you can check mail, messengers or read news, but charging will be faster.

понедельник, 13 ноября 2017 г.

Top 5 products for longevity

Familiar products will help to look young and significantly improve your health.

Such products as nuts, turmeric and eggs that are familiar to us, if used properly, will help to look young and significantly improve your health.

From $ 100 thousand to $ 160 million: the top 10 islands for sale

Many Belarusians dream of their own home. In most cases, of course, it's not that "hell pradzada spakon vyako" got into a remote village, but a comfortable mansion with all the amenities located in the vicinity of a large city. No grumbling neighbors, a lot of water and a place for a hotbed and a bed - is not this happiness? To buy a piece of land in overseas seas, oceans, lakes and rivers is not so difficult - there are plenty of offers on the market, but this is not a cheap pleasure. chose the most remarkable private islands, the sole ruler of which you can become.
And no one of us, of course, refused to have the real island at his disposal.

воскресенье, 1 октября 2017 г.

MADONNA: Singer's truce with Guy during child quiz

WARRING Madonna and Guy Ritchie have called a truce in a bid to convince a social worker from Malawi that they are fit parents to their African son, the News of the World can reveal.
Pals say pop queen Madge, 49, and film director Guy, 38, are determined to present a united front because they are TERRIFIED their adopted boy David Banda could be taken off them.
From Tuesday the mega-rich celebrity couple will share their £7 million London mansion with African child welfare chief Penstone Kilembe who will spend TWO WEEKS investigating their suitability.
On his return to Malawi he will advise the country's High Court on whether or not they should be allowed to keep the 22-month-old lad.
The "home study" is the final hurdle in adopting David, who has been living in England since Madge plucked him from a Malawian orphanage last October.
A friend of the couple told us: "They're on tenterhooks waiting for this man to arrive in the UK.
"Things haven't been great in their marriage recently but they're determined to put on a good show for him. To send David back would be devastating and it's something they're determined to avoid at all costs."
Mr Kilembe's two weeks with the Ritchies will be a far cry from his life in the rundown city of Lilongwe in Malawi. He will stay in one of the eight lavishly decorated bedrooms in their six-storey townhouse in Marylebone where he'll meet the couple's new £2,000-a-month ‘manny'—a male nanny dedicated to looking after David round the clock.
The social worker will also be introduced to the rest of their staff who live in two mews houses yards from their front door.
During his 14-day stay the inspector plans to quiz the couple on areas such as alcohol consumption, infertility and divorce. And he will also judge how loving they are towards each other and to Madonna's daughter Lourdes, ten, and their son Rocco, seven.
Mr Kilembe told us: "I just want to make sure the child is happy and with a good family. I have met both Madonna and Guy Ritchie and they seem like nice people."
The visit comes just a week after Madonna finalised plans to adopt a second orphan from Malawi next year.
Madge hand-picked 13-month-old Mercy from a line-up of ten babies during a visit to an orphanage last October.
Originally the Malawi government ordered Mr Kilembe to make two visits. But the second had to be cancelled because officials couldn't afford airfares to the UK.
"Madonna and Guy are relieved they are only going to have to do this once," said their friend.
"They're determined to come across as a perfect little family unit and also show that they've got enough money to buy David every last thing he could ever need."

суббота, 9 сентября 2017 г.

Keeley Hazell's sizzling 2008 calendar

WHAT’S red, spicy, comes from Thailand and brings blokes out in a sweat?
These pics of KEELEY HAZELL, of course!
The gorgeous 21-year-old travelled to Pattaya, Thailand, to shoot her Official Calendar 2008—which is in shops now.
And I’m told she loved sampling the local cuisine while she was there. My sauce, sorry source, said: "She couldn’t get enough of the red and green curries."
Whoa, go easy on the chillies. I reckon you’re more than hot enough already.

Pic: Alan Strutt, Celebrity Pictures
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