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воскресенье, 30 апреля 2017 г.

'I'm glad I lost the X Factor'

Who are you calling a loser? Diana Vickers has set the stage alight and is storming the charts too. Take that, Cowell

She was the kooky, quirky queen of The X Factor - a gorgeous young Debbie Harry lookalike, who was tipped to win right from the start. Then came the backlash.

With her X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole
Critics mocked her strange hand move, there were the rumours of romance with fellow contestant Eoghan Quigg behind her boyfriend's back, and allegations of "special treatment" after she was allowed to miss a sing-off following a bout of laryngitis. By week nine, Diana Vickers had suffered a spectacular fall from grace and was unceremoniously voted off the show.
She could have suffered the fate of dozens of other X Factor wannabes, playing to ever decreasing crowds in working men's clubs. Steve Brookstein, anyone?
Instead, it is Diana who has had the last laugh. Not only has she received rave reviews for her acting performance in The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice in the West End, but she has just put the finishing touches to her new album, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree. She has co-written 13 of the tracks, and her debut single, Once, has been penned by Cathy Dennis, the musical genius behind Kylie's Can't Get You Out of My Head, making it a dead cert to top the charts. Watch out Alexandra Burke!

In fact, 18-year-old Diana has found herself at the forefront of a new breed of young female stars, like Pixie Lott and Miley Cyrus, who aren't content to be brilliant at just one career. Oh no. These have-it-all heroines are all-singing, all-dancing and all-acting, too. So what's Diana's secret? Losing The X Factor, apparently.
"I'm so grateful I didn't win," she says. "I think the originality is stripped away from those who do make it. Between then and now, I've been given time to grow, do Little Voice, which I'd never been able to do had I won."

Not that Diana ever had any doubts she'd make it to the top. "I always knew I'd get here," she explains. "At the age of seven, people would ask me what I wanted to do when I was older and I'd say: 'Be a singer'".
But her confidence took a knock when she lost the public vote. "After X Factor I felt sad because I missed everyone. I'd been in that house for nearly 10 weeks and it was very intense. I didn't feel like anyone outside understood me. My friends had broken up with boyfriends, had arguments and I'd missed out on it. I'd been in a different world."
However, she didn't have long to wait for her second bite of fame. Four months after the X Factor tour finished, she was told that the chairman of record company RCA, Craig Logan (yes that bloke from Bros), wanted to meet her.
I've been offered drugs but I've always said no
"All I could think was how cool he was for being in Bros," she says breathlessly. "I was in there for 10 minutes, he shook my hand and looked at me. It was like he was weighing me up. I told him I wanted to write my own music and had my own ideas for the album, and he said: 'Let's give it a go.'"
Diana signed an album deal on the spot. And like any teenage girl, she hit the shops.
"The money gets filtered in every month. The first time I looked at my balance after I'd been paid I nearly had a heart attack. I've never had that much money in my life," she says. "That first shopping spree was like every girl's dream! I went to Harrods and bought three dresses from Stella McCartney and Alice Temperley. I was shaking when I handed over my card."
But she didn't just splash out on herself. Diana also bought her mum, Ann, a Mulberry handbag for Christmas and gave her older sister, Charlotte, 22, money to go to drama school as well as whisking her off to Paris for the weekend. And, for her 18th birthday in July, she celebrated with a £5,000 bash in a swanky London nightclub with those other X Factor runners-up, JLS.
"About 20 girls from home came. They get a bit giggly around JLS. I was being cool, saying: 'They're my mates, I'm over it,' but I was screaming inside. On the night of the BRITs, I was out having dinner and got a text saying JLS had won a BRIT then another one. I toasted them. They've inspired me."
While Diana is happy getting tiddly on champers, she insists that she's never been tempted to try anything harder, despite the showbiz circles she now moves in.
"People have offered me drugs," she confesses. "But I've never tried them. And I'm very proud of that. I see people around me who are off their head on ketamine and I think "Look at yourself, you're an absolute mess."
It's a pretty down-to-earth attitude for someone who has achieved so much in such a short space of time. And Diana attributes her refreshing attitude to one person. Her mum Ann scrimped and saved to put Diana and her sister through private school in Blackburn.

That kiss with Mr Quigg
"I'm definitely not a diva," she says shaking her head. "My mum always taught me that you get what you're given, you eat what you've got on your plate, you say thank you and you wash it up yourself. That's always stuck with me."
Though not even her unfailing politeness will persuade Diana to open up about the new man in her life. When pushed, all she says is: "I met him through one of my friends and we've been seeing each other for two months. He's an actor who's been in Les Miserables and he wants to be in movies."
Keeping quiet about her love life is understandable given the scandal surrounding her are-they-aren't-they romance with Eoghan Quigg, then 15. When they were pictured snogging it made headline news. It also came as a huge blow to her boyfriend of two years, student Chris Jones. But Diana's defiant.
I don't think I'm sexy, but I like my body
"I don't regret kissing Eoghan," she explains. "I was young and if you want to do something and it feels right, you do it. We spent so much time together the lines were blurred. I felt bad for Chris and sorrys were said, but I didn't apologise for my feelings. You just get over it and move on to the next person."
Spoken like a true teen! Her attitude to love is the only thing that gives her age away. Like in our '70s inspired shoot, Diana acts and looks older than she is. All curves, legs and hair, she's got the confidence to love her body and refreshingly refuses to give in to any angst.
"I get spots and I'm baby-faced," she says. "I don't think I'm sexy, but I like my size-10 body. I want to be a positive role model."
With her head firmly on her shoulders, a style all of her own and talent to boot, Diana is certainly that.
  • Diana's single, Once, is out tomorrow and her album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is released May 3 on RCA Records.
The do-it-all divas
It used to be that singers just, well, sang. But not any more. Just like Ms Vickers, these bright young things are on their way to being multi-talented multi-millionaires

Sarah Harding, 28
Singer, actress, model and businesswoman. Is there no end to Sarah Harding's talents?
It was no real surprise that this Girls Aloud party animal should set up her own drinking den. Last year, she launched trendy East End club Kanaloa with DJ boyfriend Tom Crane and Mahiki owners Piers Adam and Nick House.
"The club wasn't a reason to go out and party, but a business opportunity," she insists. There comes a time when you need to grow up.
The enterprise is already doing so well that there are plans for four new bars.
Sarah has set her sights on maxing her acting opportunities. She's already had roles in both St Trinian's films, as well as starring in independent movie Bad Day and a BBC2 drama. Next up Hollywood, we reckon.
She has also made £100,000 as an underwear model for Ultimo.
Extra earnings: £250,000 for her acting and modelling work. If Kanaloa continues to be a success, she could make as much as £2million.

Nicola Roberts, 24
Like Sarah, Nicola hasn't been waiting around for Nadine Coyle to return to the fold. She's been making the most of her features with a make-up range called Dainty Doll, specifically designed for pale-faced beauties. She's also ventured on to the small screen as presenter on the BBC3 documentary The Truth About Tanning and is now the face of a campaign group hoping to ban under-18s from going on sunbeds.Extra earnings: £150,000 as it is still early days for her Dainty Doll range.

Lily Allen, 24
When Ms Allen hit the pop scene back in 2006, she quickly became famous not only for her voice, but also for her kooky look and feisty personality.
Within nine months of having her first No1 she had launched a funky range of clothing at New Look.
And her no-messin' quips helped land her own chat show with BBC3 - Lily Allen And Friends - before she went on to be a model and muse for Chanel.
After the huge success of her debut album, Alright, Still, last year she released the follow-up, It's Not Me, It's You before announcing a temporary retirement from music as she explores other avenues.
First up is a vintage clothes store called Lucy In Disguise, which she'll run with her sister, Sarah. It's due to launch this summer. "I'm in the office every day, sourcing clothes and getting really excited about my new venture," she says.
But our Lily isn't planning to stop there. Next up? Plans to run her own record label. That girl knows no bounds!
Extra earnings: She's made a cool £1million from her chat show, clothing range and modelling.

Miley Cyrus, 17
inset: Miley's movie moment
The Disney Diva is one market-savvy young lady. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley was desperate for fame from an early age. And now she has it. And then some.
At the age of 14, Miley was told she had clinched the lead role in a new TV series, Hannah Montana, which has proved to be an unstoppable money-making juggernaut. It's catapulted Miley to superstar status and made her a multimillionairess.
But this young lady's not ready to rest on her laurels. Not only does she have a pop career, her first autobiography is already on the shelves. And Miley has just appeared in her first romantic role in movie The Last Song. Oh, did we mention she has her own clothing range, too?
Extra earnings: Miley earned £15million last year alone - of that £3million came from her album and tour.

суббота, 29 апреля 2017 г.

Summer’s rockin’ frocks

Ladies, it's legs-out time! Parade your pins in one of these stunning dresses
Polka-dot days
Model: Dress, £130, Corsellis ( 1) £49, Rare ( 2) £64.99, Orion ( 3) £29.99, River Island (020 8991 4904) 4) £39, Rare (
Racy lacy
Model: £40, Topshop (0845 121 4519) 1) £40, Lascana at Freemans ( 2) £30, Love Label at Littlewoods ( 3)£34.99, River Island (020 8991 4904) 4) £25, New Look (0500 454094)
Jean dreams
Model: Dress, £19.99, Zara (020 7534 9500); necklace, £12, ASOS (; belt, £8, Peacocks (02920 270222); clutch, £15, Evans (0845 121 4516) 1) £45, Warehouse ( 2) £34.99, River Island (020 8991 4904) 3) £40, Miss Selfridge (0845 121 4517) 4) £25, New Look (0500 454094)
Ruching rocks
Model: Dress, £65, Lipsy ( 1) £39, Rare ( 2) £28, Topshop (0845 121 4519) 3) £160, Forever Unique ( 4) £45, ASOS (
Drape yourself
Model: Dress, £45, Marks & Spencer (0845 302 1234) 1) £59, Zara (020 7534 9500) 2) £60, Jarlo ( 3) £40, Lipsy ( 4) £29.50, Marks & Spencer (0845 302 1234)
All orange
Model: Dress, £55, Monsoon Fusion (; bangles, £7.99 for three, River Island (020 8991 4904); sandals, £25, New Look (0500 454094) 1) £35, ASOS ( 2) £34, Goddiva ( 3) £35, French Connection (020 7036 7200) 4) £27, Wallis (
Totally tribal
Model: Dress, £45, Warehouse (; belt, £15, Therapy at House of Fraser, (; bag, £29.99, River Island (020 8991 4904) 1) £45, ASOS ( 2) £75, French Connection (020 7036 7200) 3) £50, Matthew Williamson at Debenhams ( 4) £19.99, H&M (020 7323 2211)
Crochet rules
Model: Dress, £48, Topshop (0845 121 4519) 1) £40, Villa at ASOS ( 2) £55, Topshop (0845 121 4519) 3) £34.99, River Island (020 8991 4904) 4) £55, Religion (
This article has 9 comments
Also have tried to buy red ruched dress printed in the Fab mag from topshop @£45 or is from Forever Unique please can you tell me where it can be bought from please.
By ciara virtue.. Posted June 7 2010 at 9:41 PM.
I am emailing from Ireland and I cannot find the Vintage neckline dress (pink with lace around neck from your May 23rd edition) in the River Island stores or on the website it is priced at £25.00 (€47.00). Would you know if it will be on the River Island website or of any stores in Ireland where I can get it as it was in the Irish edition of Fabulous also.
By Caroline Ennis.. Posted May 31 2010 at 3:27 PM.
I cannot find the Zara drape dress any suggestions?? Thank you 
By Louise Cavanagh.. Posted May 31 2010 at 3:00 PM.
The orange Goddiva dress (no.2 in the Orange section) has been discontined according to the Goddiva website!

By Beanie.. Posted May 31 2010 at 12:43 AM.
i can't find the red ruched dress, in the magazine it says its £45 from topshop, but on here it says its £160 from forever unique? i cant find it on either of the websites?
By emily.. Posted May 29 2010 at 7:33 PM.
Im having trouble finding the Zara grey drape dress priced at £59. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase it. Its an emergency, need it for a wedding.
By julie Tew.. Posted May 29 2010 at 4:12 PM.
I carnt find the one shoulder Jarlo black dress online,where can I find one ?
By Mrs A Sowter.. Posted May 27 2010 at 10:51 PM.
i cant find the orange party dress from goddiva webistie how would i go and purchase it
By carol.. Posted May 27 2010 at 10:36 AM.
i cannot find the orange french connection dress online, can it be found instore only?

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Test. The more dead-end dates you have, the more you reckon that guys are from a different galaxy...

Stuck on the dating dark side? The more dead-end dates you have, the more you reckon that guys are from a different galaxy... What you need is a technique tweak

So, you've exhausted all your favourite bars and clubs, and have gone through all available friends of friends. And you don't know what's hotter - your credit card after the number of date outfits you've splashed out on, or your laptop thanks to all that online dating.
Yet no matter how hard you look for love nothing, nil, nada. "If dating isn't working, women often blame their appearance," says dating expert James Preece, aka The Dating Guru. "But it's more likely to be your technique that's in need of a makeover, not your wardrobe."
So, take our quiz, perfect your pulling persona and get lucky tonight!

1. Describe your supermarket shopping style
a) Straight in and out. You only go off-list for a half-price wine bargain. (2)
b) Tummy-led. You often shop when you're hungry and want everything! (1)
c) A mission. You can never decide what you want, so you trawl the aisles but end up with the usual favourites. (3)
2. You've got a date next Saturday. How's the outfit plan going?
a) You panic-bought three new LBDs but don't love any of them. And you feel guilty for blowing your pay packet. (3)
b) You'll just glam up your old favourite with lippy and eyeliner. (2)
c) The faithful jeans, dressy top and heels combo. Sexy, but not too sexy. (1)
3. A guy that ticks all your boxes walks into the bar. How do you react?
a) Down your wine and strut over. You don't want another girl getting in there first. (2)
b) Look over a couple of times, then leave it - otherwise you might come across as a desperado. (3)
c) Flash him a come-say-hi smile and pray he likes you. (1)
4. How do you behave in the Topshop changing room?
a) You won't try on a top unless you really like it. (3)
b) You take armfuls of clothes in - surely one item's got to work, right? (2)
c) You've got into the habit of buying clothes without even trying them on. (1)
5. Sex on the first date. A do or a don't?
a) Do. If you really 'click', why wait? (1)
b) Maybe. You'd usually keep it to a snog - but, you know, sometimes these things happen. (2)
c) Don't. You try not to even kiss guys on date one. (3)
6. You thought a date went well, but he hasn't texted you. How do you feel?
a) You take it personally - there was obviously something he didn't like about you. (1)
b) The chemistry just wasn't there between you. (2)
c) What a loser. You lowered your standards to see him. (3)
45% of men will fancy you less if you mention your weight or that you're on a diet*

Tick the statements that ring true:
You can tell a lot about a man from his star sign. (1)
I've been told that I talk too much at times. (2)
I'm guilty of seeing my exes through rose-tinted glasses. (3)
I'm very much a glass-half-full kinda girl. (1)
I'd cancel a date at short notice - even an hour before - if I had any doubts. (3)
I get bored quite easily in my own company. (2)
35 smiles an hour will lead to four men on average approaching you**
Add up your score for your pulling persona

0-10 You'll date anyone on this planet (or the next)
You hang off his every sentence and are so busy fantasising about saying: "I do" that you often see the relationship as what you want it to be, rather than what it actually is.
What you're doing right: "Seeing the best in people means you're open to relationships," says dating expert James Preece. "Too many women dismiss guys after a date, when research shows it can take weeks to fall in love."
What you're doing wrong: You're so desperate to be with someone that you read too much into little things like his star sign. You want to make him like you and virtually offer yourself on a plate within hours of meeting.
Pull tonight! "Don't be too eager," says James, adding: "Texting too soon after a date is a classic sign." Swap online dating (where you're likely to obsess over every email) for group social events - find one at
11-20 You're a bounty (or rather, booty!) hunter
When it comes to dating you're one dedicated girl - racking up more face-to-face dating time than Paris Hilton on the pull. So why haven't you met a half-decent bloke yet?
What you're doing right: "Meeting Mr Right is a numbers game, so putting yourself out there definitely increases your chances of finding him," says dating expert Rochelle Peachy.
What you're doing wrong: Your sergeant major-style mission to meet a man can come across as a tad, erm, aggressive! Pouncing on him from across the bar and grilling him on everything from his dating history to whether he wants kids can make it feel like a scary interview.
Pull tonight! Actually, maybe not tonight. "Have a break from dating - you'll come back to it feeling more positive," says Dr Gian Gonzaga from dating website "When you do find someone you like, relax and avoid being full-on," warns dating guru James Preece.
21+ You're not feeling the force. Ever
You spend your life browsing, but always come home empty-handed. Is your huge checklist holding you back?
What you're doing right: You value yourself and have high standards, so there's no chance of you settling with someone for the sake of it.
What you're doing wrong: You dismiss guys for the slightest thing (too much gel, bad shoes) and they pick up the signs. Your frosty body language screams: "I don't want to be here!" No wonder dates are thin on the ground.
Pull tonight! Scrap that list. "If he makes you laugh, surely it doesn't matter that he has a penchant for cheap shoes," says dating expert Rochelle Peachy. To keep your standards and avoid ending up on the shelf, Andrew Trees, author of Decoding Love, recommends his 'dozen rule'. So, instead of searching for The One (which Trees says is a myth), after dating a dozen men you like, you should find that the next person you date (and like) is a good fit.

четверг, 27 апреля 2017 г.

WHAT'S YOUR FAT FATE? You don't need a crystal ball to discover whether you're going to struggle to stay in your skinny jeans

Life's full of surprises, but it would be handy to know a few things in advance, wouldn't it? Like, say, if your man is The One. And when it comes to your body, will you get fat?
"If you consider your mother and grandmother's weight, you can get a good indication of where you're heading," explains Dr Susan Mitchell, co-author of Fat Is Not Your Fate (Fireside, £10.09).
But don't hit the doughnuts in depair. "Those with high-risk genes can still resist their genetic fate," says nutritionist Dr Laura Johnson. "Taking your lifestyle and personality type into consideration gives you a clearer picture of how much weight you're likely to gain over the years. And by making small changes today, you can change your fat fate."
Read on to see if you need to start pound-proofing now, and what action you need to take...

Select which answers most apply to you:
1. When you were a child, you were allowed to leave the dinner table when:

A Everything was eaten, and not before

B Your favourite TV programme came on

C Everyone else had finished - you were always first
2. How much sleep do you get a night?

A Eight hours or more

B Between six and seven hours

C Less than six hours
3. You're thinking of ordering a takeaway because:

A You've been healthy all week

B You're tired, you can't be bothered to cook, and they taste great!

C You've had a terrible day and need cheering up
4. You're late for a meeting and stuck in traffic. You:

A Call your office and explain the situation

B Sigh, then turn up the stereo

C Honk your horn and then smack the steering wheel
5. The last time you did a workout:

A You put in 110 per cent effort

B Your friends forced you, but you had fun

C You left the class early because you had an appointment

Select the statements you most agree with

I always feel I've got too much to do [C]

Fitting exercise into my life is essential [A]

I like a man who can make me laugh [B]

My friends would say that I'm organised and practical [A]

I'm often quite tearful - I've even cried during EastEnders [C]

Catching up with friends is more important than going to the gym [B]

I'm competitive both inside and outside the office [A]

My home is cluttered, not clinical [B]

I often wake up feeling exhausted [C]
Mostly As - Your fat fate is: You could put on 5-10lb

You're cool, calm, sexy and collected and thrive on being in control. As a perfectionist, you won't settle for second best - and that goes for your body, too. Being on the go keeps weight off, but if you saw the pounds creeping on, you'd be quick to rectify it.
"Being a consistent weight, even if you're slightly heavier than you should be, is better than continually going up and down," says the British Nutrition Foundation's Dr Elisabeth Weichselbaum.
But as you get older it won't be so easy to stay slim.
"Most people, especially women, gain weight as they age," warns Dr Susan Mitchell. Your metabolism decreases and it takes less food and more exercise to stay at your current weight."
Fat-proof your future: As you're naturally proactive you don't need to change your ways dramatically. Instead, concentrate on keeping tabs on your body's natural tendency to gain weight as you age.
Fitness trainer Nicki Waterman suggests boosting metabolism by eating five small, healthy meals a day.
Low-GI (glycaemic index) foods like wholegrains, oats, nuts, beans and pulses release energy slowly, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Read Patrick Holford's The Low-GL Diet Bible (Piatkus, £14.99), for more tips.
"Aim to do a minimum of 20-30 minutes of exercise a day - try running, alternated with weight resistance training - six days a week. Being active will help preserve muscle while also maintaining a higher metabolic rate," says Nicki.
Mostly Bs - Your fat fate is: You could gain 1-2st 

You have a laid-back attitude to life and, dare we say it, can be a little lazy. You shy away from exercise, preferring to watch TV or catch up with friends.
However, while your lack of stress can prevent the pounds piling on (research by the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that stress releases cortisol, an appetite trigger in the body), your relaxed attitude may stop you from noticing when you're gaining weight.
"If you gain 2lb a year in your 20s it might not be that noticeable. But by the time you're in you're in your 40s, you'll have put on 3st," warns Nicki Waterman.
Fat-proof your future: Buy some accurate bathroom scales - now! "Weigh yourself once a month," advises Dr Elisabeth Weichselbaum. "If you regularly keep tabs on your weight, you're less likely to get a nasty surprise."
If you do find you've gained a few pounds, don't ignore it.
"Adjust how many calories you're consuming straight away," says Nicki. "It's simple - if you eat fewer calories, you'll have fewer to burn off."
And step away from the TV. Researchers at Harvard University in the US found that women who reduced their telly viewing to less than 10 hours a week and walked briskly for just 30 minutes a day cut down their risk of obesity by 30 per cent.
Mostly cs - Your fat fate is: You could gain 2st or more

While you always seem to be rushing around, underneath you're exhausted - it's anxiety that keeps you going. While this may be keeping your weight steady for now, it's unlikely to continue into the future.
"Food quickly becomes your best friend when you're stressed," says Dr Susan Mitchell.
If you feel a snack attack coming on, opt for 'good mood' foods such as asparagus, turkey and pineapple. They all contain tryptophan, which our bodies convert into serotonin - the chemical that makes us feel less fraught.
Fat-proof your future:Break negative eating habits now by keeping a detailed food diary. "Most people are surprised when they begin adding up the calories," says Nicki Waterman. "Also, by writing down what you eat and how you're feeling while eating it - for example, tired, stressed or happy - you'll be able to see patterns forming."
As for sleep, getting a good night's shut-eye is vital. Research by the National Sleep Foundation indicates that less sleep is linked to weight gain.
"This is because not getting enough sleep also releases the appetite trigger cortisol in the body," says Dr Susan Mitchell, who recommends getting seven to eight hours per night.

Where to go and what to do this week...

Who's scariest?

No hiding behind the sofa when Doctor Who Live hits the stage this week. OK, so Matt Smith and Karen Gillan aren't on the UK tour, but the show promises special effects, pyrotechnics and scary monsters. Time to round up the key baddies...
From October 8,, (0844 847 1963)
From left to right Oods, Cybermen. Weeping angels, Judoon, Daleks

Appearance: Zombie ZZ Top
Weapon: Telepathy
Achilles heel: Could easily get mistaken for a four-day-old bowl of spaghetti
Scare factor: No one wants to be around that face
Overall score: 5/10

Appearance: Head of Smash potato man/body of a Coke can
Weapon: Arm-mounted gun
Achilles heel: Gold chokes their respiratory systems
Scare factor: We could have them with a tin opener
Overall score: 7/10

Appearance: Creepy-as winged statue
Weapon: Banishing humans to the past. Don't blink or you're done for
Achilles heel: Looking at them makes them turn into stone
Scare factor: Well, we certainly wouldn't mess
Overall score: 8/10

Appearance: Yellow-blooded rhino in a space kilt
Weapon: Red energy beam
Achilles heel: Low intelligence. Logical to a ridiculous degree
Scare factor: Kind of cuddly, really - in a horny kind of way
Overall score: 4/10

Appearance: Giant, evil cheese graters
Weapon: Death ray, remorselessness
Achilles heel: Stairs, though the new ones can fly
Scare factor: Exterminate! Exterminate! Not words we'd relish hearing.
Overall score: 8/10
PS: Missing David Tennant?

The ex-Doctor stars in Single Father, a touching drama about a photographer who has to bring up four children on his own after the sudden death of his wife. From Who to boo-hoo, we reckon!
Coming soon, BBC1
Portsmouth: Marina Diamandis
Marina of 'The Diamonds' fame takes her brand of electro-pop to the Pyramid.
October 19, Portsmouth Pyramid (023 9279 9977)
Liverpool: Anthony And Cleopatra
SATC's Kim Cattrall swaps her Manolos for Shakespearian sandals.
From October 8, Everyman Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool (0151 709 4776)
Titanic has topped a poll of chick-flicks men secretly love to watch. So that explains the rogue Celine Dion on his iPod*...
*We hope
Glasto: guaranteed

To get your Glastonbury 2011 tickets, which go on sale at 9am today:
1. Pre-register beforehand at
2. Sit poised, laptop/mobile at the ready.
3. Call 0844 412 4635 or visit Breathe.
4. Squeal loudly when ticket confirmation arrives.
5. Start planning festival wardrobe NOW!
5 random reasons... print a picture of Jack 'hot' Huston
1. Catch him at the cinema playing drug smuggler Graham Plinston in Mr Nice, about the infamous drug smuggler Howard Marks (Rhys Ifans).
2. Jack also appeared in Factory Girl with Rhys' ex Sienna Miller. His ex is Cat Deeley.
3. His grandfather is John Huston, who directed The Misfits, The African Queen and The Maltese Falcon, among other films beginning with 'The'.
4. He played Rosalie's evil ex, Royce King II, in Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
5. In real life, he's the son of Lady Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley, an actual aristocrat!
Mr Nice is in cinemas nationwide from October 8

Zac Efron with his dead screen bro
In his new movie Charlie St Cloud (out October 8) Zac Efron plays a character so upset by his younger brother's death that he takes a job at the cemetery where he's buried (riiight) - only to find he can talk to his ghost! But Zac's not alone (well, clearly, he's got his dead bro) - he's one of a line of actors who find themselves starring in a 'ghost buddy movie'. Weird concept, but it seems to work...
From left to right: Ghost, The Sixth Sense, American Werewolf In London, Beetlejuice
The film: Ghost
The buddies: Murdered Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze) and fake-turned-actual psychic Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg).
Bonding moment: After a night of Sam 'singing' I'm Henery The Eighth I Am, Oda Mae agrees to help him talk to girlfriend Molly.
The film: The sixth sense
The buddies: Dead psychologist Dr Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) and psychic kid Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment).
Bonding moment: When Malcolm finally accepts that Cole is psychic and "sees dead people that walk around like regular people".
The film: American Werewolf In London
The buddies: Soon-to-be werewolf David Kessler (David Naughton) and his already-dead mate Jack (Griffin Dunne).
Bonding moment: When a decaying Jack turns up with David's victims and convinces him that, yes, he is a werewolf.
The film: Beetlejuice
The buddies: Teen goth Lydia (Winona Ryder) and dead-but-lovely couple The Maitlands (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin).
Bonding moment: Pretty much as soon as Lydia meets the Maitlands, who turn out to be way nicer than her own obnoxious parents.
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