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понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 г.

Melania Trump could not live in the White House

Melania and Barron Trump should not follow Donald Trump at the White House in Washington.

A White House without first lady? If one believes the "New York Post," Donald Trump will move only in Washington in January after his inauguration. His wife Melania and son Barron will continue to live in the Trump Tower in New York for the 10 year old boy to finish his school year in the same private school, writes the tabloid. "Melania is very close to Barron, and they became even closer during the campaign," says a source in "New York Post" . "The campaign was difficult for Barron and she does not want it too upset." The pair Trump lives in New York, in a triplex atop the eponymous tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

According to another source, the First lady of 46 years is ready to move to the White House when his presence is required, but nothing indicates that it will be permanently located in Washington at the end of the school year.Asked about the matter while he was at the Golf Club Bedminster, New Jersey, Donald Trump is merely replied that they would come "very soon.When it (Barron) have finished school, " cites CNN. 
It is obviously difficult to change schools their son

A spokesman for the 45th President of the United States also reacted to the information relayed by the "New York Post". "It is obviously difficult to change schools their ten year old son in the middle of the school year," said Jason Miller, communications director of the presidential transition team of Donald Trump, at a conference telephone with the press, adding that "a more formal statement will be released later." 

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