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пятница, 30 сентября 2016 г.

Feminist Porn Alternative porn or large scam?

Tired of seeing the porn industry trustee by men, some feminists directors have engaged in this market, at the risk, perhaps, to cover their tracks? Investigation.

"Porn and feminism can they be compatible? "After the school year, we almost would like a philosophy teacher a bit facetious floor makes her class of teenagers on a subject that, despite the years, continues to inflame passions. Directors , feminists, X movie fans , pornstars ... Everyone has an idea of the answer. No luck, no one has the same! "These are two completely antagonistic concepts" irritated the spokesman of Dare feminism , Marie Allibert for whom porn supposedly "feminist" would be a dirty trick invented by an industry made ​​by men, for men, to believe that pornography is a liberation of sexuality. "In reality it is the opposite! Films X imprison women in degrading roles eroticized violence and made ​​to them, "she says.

A porn idle

A position which is not shared, but then not at all, another feminist Clarence Edgard-Rosa. Author of an ABC of feminism to be published in October - The Big Words, Ed. Hugo Doc - this journalist prefers to speak of confusion rather than entourloupe. In question ? The emergence in the 2000s of a porno called "feminine", softer and sensual supposed to appeal to women, but taking the cliches macho expensive traditional products. "Certainly it's less trash. The actresses do not take gallons of sperm on the face, and are not pull the hair , but what it's boring! Octavia yawns Delvaux, author of " sex-selling " French, Sex in the Kitchen . In fact, we see the same thing in porn mainstream but in slow motion, with a backdrop of elevator music. "

In reality, nobody knows what it is, the feminist porn!
Contradicting this type of film, the feminist porn déconstruirait and play with gender codes established by the "mainstream" productions to highlight consent, female pleasure, the diversity of bodies and sexualities. "The mistake is to throw everything stupidly in one basket when it is not pornography, in itself, alienates or releases, but what is done," said Clarence Edgard-Rosa. Corroborating this statement, the Ovidie director ensures that this current earns stripes "where the porn industry was deserted because of the Web," in particular festivals.

The decidedly sexist feminist porn?

If he is planning a number, the very young FFF - Ass Film Festival - certainly not limit its programming to feminist cataloged films. "What interests us is to show that it is possible to make art, pretty and intelligent things, without ever falling into the assertion or claim," Anastasia insisted Rachman Hollman, co-creator event. An approach that is well suited to Coralie Trinh Thi. "In reality, nobody knows what it is, the feminist porn! And even those who claim to be the leading figures contradict regularly, "quips the former porn star before quoting Erika Lust, which disabled commercially by too militant image would skillfully passed his fictions register feminist feminine register. "Besides being a huge scam, the porn feminist is decidedly sexist. It is based on the idea that there is a model of female sexuality and therefore a woman model, "if she offended before confessing not to understand the case against the porn" classic. "

Mastering his subject, and for good reason, the former porn actress recalls that this medium is one of the few (only?) Where men are - significantly - paid less than women, less publicized (outside Rocco Siffredi, very smart one that will give the name of a porn actor!) and especially poorly framed. "Their role is limited to that of a phallus; so when we talk about exploitation of women, I laugh. There is frankly debatable, "she concludes. And let no one especially fold his ears with the impact of X on youth sexuality; Again, the young woman has more than one argument in his bag: "Make her sex education with porn is as smart as learning to drive by watching Taxi ! That says unfortunately a lot about the failure of Education ... "

Sexologists 10 tips for a more fulfilling sex couple

SEXUALITY - When is a couple years, sex is not always spontaneous. This is something that must sometimes work even if, culturally, this idea is a little difficult to accept.

"I can not really explain why we want sex to be something spontaneous," explains Megan Fleming , a psychologist and sex therapist based in New York. "The fact is that, for most couples, it is necessary that all the conditions are met to make love, they are refreshed and relaxed."

The good news is that there are tricks to engage more often in the sports room. Here are some tips provided by our specialists and some of his colleagues.

1. Test new sensations again and again

"When testing new practices, relax and enjoy the moment. Try new things, start and evaluate your feelings. Give more space to sensations that give you pleasure while making adjustments and trying new things." - Megan Fleming

2. Launch the idea of ​​a hug turns

"Too often that one partner has no desire to make love the other, which can, over time, cause a feeling of humiliation and guilt in the initiator / the initiator . sexual life in a couple would be more balanced if each partner proposed to turn to go frolicking under the covers. " - Moushumi Ghose , sexologist and author of Classic Sex Positions Reinvented .

3. Go to bed at the same time

"Go to bed at the same time that his partner is a ritual that reinforces the relationship. The pillow talk, and being lying side by side while still awake, are more conducive to lovemaking." - Laurel Steinberg , a psychotherapist specializing in sexual disorders.

4. Stop view sex as an obligation on your schedule

"I'd like everyone to take the time to slow down, to arise and be available to recharge emotionally and physically, to enjoy sensual moments together. Many couples are overworked, stressed, and see sex as a obligation to remove from their schedule in order to be productive again. Ideally, make love to be a moment of pure relaxation and pleasure. But in reality, it takes time to be available. " - Sari Cooper , a graduate sexologist, sex coach and presenter of the program Sex Esteem , broadcast on the web.

5. See the porn in a different light

"When the porn problem within a couple, it is not he who is responsible but rather the secretiveness that creates my advice. Grant him a place in your marriage Watching porn is two. a good way to bring the excitement that leads to sexual desire. Explore the different types of porn , as if you zappiez from one channel to the other. you do not have to like everything you see. " - Ian Kerner , sex therapist and author of She first: Small guide for men to please women , best-selling New York Times .

6. Talk about your fantasies and secret desires

"Do not discuss what you like to do in bed or your erogenous zones. Find out if your partner wants to be dominated-e or dominant-e. Know whether or not you can go beyond conventional sexual behavior ( the "vanilla sex" ). If more couples came to talk openly about their innermost desires and fantasies, their privacy would be strengthened, not to mention the excitement and sexual tension felt! " - Moushumi Ghose

7. Sleep-e nu (at least occasionally).

"Sleeping naked-e to the side of your partner helps the skin to skin and allows your mutual experience even more excitement, increasing the chances of making love." - Laurel Steinberg

8. Do not be afraid to talk about sex

"Many couples have difficulty talking about positive and direct way sex. In therapy, I often have to teach them to talk about their sex life without this turns into shouting match. The discussion should be on a lighter tone, responding truthfully to questions about what they like or not. " - Angela Skurtu , sex therapist and marriage counselor in St. Louis (Missouri).

9. Stop to consider the penetration as an end in itself

"Comparing sex and food, the penetration is usually the dish that most serves, even if revenues are quite limited. Try to remove the card, but keep the orgasms, and see what you reserve this torrid Test menu. without penetration . manual and oral sex caresses, deep kissing and other friction " - Ian Kerner

10. Plan an appointment rascal

"The platonic marriage is one of the most common concerns of couples today. When they do see, they often stopped making love for years. As a sexologist, I meet all cases and I give almost all couples the same set: planning a romantic moment This commitment must however be required, because it is very easy to turn couples a weekly appointment rascal into something more conventional. and to ignore the sensual, tactile exchanges, and a good old game of legs in the air. to spice up her sex life and out of the routine, take the time to (re) discover for pleasure." - Patti Britton , sex coach and author of The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice .

Seven Mistakes You Might Be Making When You Network

If you own a small business, or are part of a larger network marketing company, you have probably heard about networking, and you may even have been encouraged to go to networking groups. However, very few people receive advance training, and when they go to networking events, they end up making mistakes that they later regret. So take a look at these very common errors, and learn what to do instead. That way, when you run into the people you met the next time, they will be pleased to see you, and even better, to help you!

Understanding the Purpose of Networking

You might have heard the adage that people do business with those they know, like and trust. Certainly that is the first reason to network. But there's a better reason, and that is because if people know you and know your business, you don't have to sell anyone; other people will sell for you. As an example, if your neighbor's car breaks down, and you happen to have an excellent mechanic, it's natural for you to recommend your mechanic. Now if you happen to also know a fabulous plumber, a great math tutor, an amazing insurance agent, and a lawyer better than Perry Mason, well, it's natural for you to recommend them also. And, in a nutshell, that is what networking is: to build up a list of business associates to whom you can refer business.
Now you're thinking, "But that benefits them. How does that benefit me?" The answer is simple: at the same time that you are building your list, everyone else is building theirs, too. You want to make sure you are on everyone else's list. However, too many people end up not being on those lists, because of the mistakes they make.

Mistake #1


The point is not to sell one-on-one. After all, unless you are a salesman, that isn't your job (and yes, all small business owners are salesmen to some degree). Remember, you are not after one client; you are after a stream of clients originating from the person you are talking to. You shouldn't care if the person you are talking to becomes your client.
Think about it from the other person's perspective. No-one likes to be sold to, especially the hard sell. If you sell to the person you're talking to, you're almost sure never to get a referral from them.

Mistake #2


Too many people at networking events meet someone and immediately categorize the person they meet: "Oh, another __________ (choose one: insurance agent, realtor, financial planner, mortgage lender, piano teacher, etc.)." People are not cookie cutters, and don't come into their professions in the same ways. All lawyers are not alike, and that goes for every single profession out there. Instead, find out what is different about the person with whom you are talking. Every profession has its specialties, and you don't want to refer a divorce case to a criminal lawyer (at least we hope not). You'll find some people who are at the top of their field, and have a very narrow specialization; others will be somewhere in the middle, and others will be just starting out.

Mistake #3

Don't Differentiate Yourself

When you go to a networking meeting, especially if you are part of a larger network marketing organization, the probability is that the experienced networkers there may already know twenty or even fifty people who work for the same company. They may even have married someone who works for the same company or is in the same profession as yours. So how do you get referrals from that person?
The answer is that you must have a specialty. Rather than a cosmetics company representative saying, "I can help anyone with a face," figure out what your own specialty is. The more you can stand out, the more likely it is that people will remember you and refer business to you. And even if the person you meet is married to someone who works for the same company or profession, if you have an unusual specialization, you might get business from them because their spouse doesn't want to deal with that particular kind of client. Learn to stand out!

Mistake #4

Focus on Yourself

Too many people at networking events go around passing out their business cards, and pointedly ignore the other person's card, or don't even bother to ask what someone does. This creates the wrong impression, because in addition to doing business with someone we know, like, and trust, there is another factor to consider. Someone in business is going to refer a client with whom they have a relationship: friend, neighbor, relative, or business colleague. If you appear to be focused only on yourself, you will give the impression that you won't be focused on your clients, either.
The problem is that the person who refers business to you still has to deal with their friend, neighbor, relative, or business colleague long after your business with them is finished. So they are going to be very careful in their recommendations, because they will have to live with the consequences of their referrals.
Focus instead on the other person, and how you can send business to them. Why? Because if you send business to someone, they are more likely to send business to you. And the more business you can send them, the more likely they are to send business to you.

Mistake #5

Don't Go Back

Too many people go to networking event, hand out their cards to everyone, disappear, and then complain they are not getting any business. Remember, people do business with people they know, like, and trust. If all someone does is hand their business card to you and disappear, how likely are you to trust them?
Most networking groups meet at least once a month; some meet every week. Usually, it will take several months of attendance before you get your first referral. Keep going back, and eventually people will start to feel that you are dependable enough to refer someone to you.

Mistake #6

Don't Learn About Others

Let's face it, would you hire someone you met in a grocery store line wearing a company shirt? No? People won't send business to you, either, unless they know you and feel they can trust you. And one of the best ways to get to know someone is to invite them out for coffee or lunch, and learn all you can about them and their business. Experienced networkers will also want to know you.
In addition to knowing about someone enough to send referrals to them, this meeting (often called a one-on-one), is a great way for you to find commonalities. Perhaps your two businesses are synergistic (that is, they are businesses that people often use together, such as an insurance agent and some kind of home repair). Perhaps you have a similar client base, such as families with children. Or maybe you have connections that can work together.
The formula for one-on-ones is usually 1/3 about me, 1/3 about you, and 1/3 about how to help each other. Allow at least an hour and be sure to follow up afterwards with an email, a quick note, or a small gift.

Mistake #7

Don't Give Anything Away

Would you invest in an expensive product without sampling it or reading reviews? Probably not! By the same reasoning, people are going to be hesitant to recommend you unless you let them have an experience of your work. You should be prepared to give something away for free: a sample, advice, or something. Sure, you can give someone a brochure, and they will file it either in their filing cabinet, or the wastebasket. But giving someone an exciting experience will give them something to talk about to potential clients, resulting in more business for you.

Putting it All into Practice

Before your next event, figure out your specialization. Who is your ideal client and how do they find you? The next time you go to a networking event, ask the other person first: "What do you do?" Then ask more questions. Get their business card (you don't care if they get yours) and set up a one-on-one. Then find out when the next event for that group is, and go back and do it again!
In your one-on-one meetings, get to understand the other person's specialty. Put your heads together and figure out how your customer base or your specialties overlap (sometimes you might have to think about it for a while, but it's almost always there). Then offer the other person something for free. Not a discount, not a coupon, but really free, with no strings attached.
Try this approach, and you'll be amazed at the results you'll see in just a few months. Here's to your business!

7 things men should know about the vagina

SEXUALITY - Of all the pleasures of life, sex is potentially one of the most rewarding.

When they are going well, regular sex can improve relations between the couple and personal development. Not to mention they are really good ! But if you are a straight, there is one thing you need to know on the fingertips to boost your pleasure. It's about…

In the female reproductive system, things get complicated quickly. Yes, vagina -a term that people often use wrongly when they want to talk about vulve- is as delicate and complex (but also highly resistant).

Knowing the can really improve your love life. Basically, if you know what you do, your partner will probably want to get laid more often, resulting in all sorts of benefits for your health to both ...

Studies have shown that men who have sex at least twice a week usually have fewer cardiovascular problems. Sex when they are satisfactory, also generate endorphins that can reduce stress and improve sleep for both partners .

But for great sex and preliminary worthy of the name, things do not happen by themselves. That is why we have compiled a list of 7 things men should know about the vagina to help them master the arcane.

1. You probably confuse vagina and vulva.

Technically speaking, the vagina is the inner member that connects the cervix to the vulva. This is the "hole" that penetrate (usually) the penis or fingers, and which pass the baby during childbirth.

The vulva is the term for all external organs of the female genital tract . Basically, all you see when you are between the thighs of your partner. It includes the vagina, the pubis, the labia majora (creases that are located on each side of the vulva) and the labia minora (smaller folds, toward the orifice), urethra (through which urine passes ) and the clitoris (more details on this vital organ below).


2. Women can also have an erection

Like the penis, which is when blood throat man is excited, the woman's clitoris can also harden.
When she is excited, blood flow it makes you fat and makes it very sensitive to touch . Warning! It can even become extremely painful and retract to avoid stimulation .

3. The clitoris is a real pleasure to plant

Featuring some 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris has only one function: to give pleasure to the woman. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, a gynecologist at Columbia University and author of Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Deserve says that it is the only organ in the human body to be exclusively dedicated to pleasure,

It does not also to summarizes the little button that overlooks the junction of the labia minora; he has a body and two roots that follow the curve of the pubic bone. These elements can be "very sensitive," says our expert. "I generally recommend to women and their partners to try different positions [during preliminary and during penetration] to stimulate the clitoral tissue all, not just the head."

4. A woman can be excited even if the vagina is not lubricated

If the female body naturally secretes a vaginal lubricant, Dr. Hutcherson says that this is not always the case, especially after menses. Some medications and antihistamines, hormonal changes, birth control pills and age may hinder this process.

"Men have a great ignorance of vaginal secretions," she said. Most do not also know that a woman can be excited even if sex is not very humid.

Some women also take longer to feel excitement when they are with the same partner for a long time. "Initially, the secretions are abundant and very fast, because of all the chemical and hormonal reactions that run through your body. But, as and when these reactions subside. "

Anyway, it suggests to men to be patient and prolong foreplay if the secretions are not sufficient. "The excitement can take time to climb in women. This is something they do not understand. "


5. Most women do not reach orgasm through vaginal penetration

"Men think that they should just reach a point in the vagina to enjoy women that their penis is enough to give them orgasms century. It is unfortunately not the case, "says Dr. Hutcherson.

Moreover, a 2009 study found that three-quarters of women never had an orgasm during penetration only (that is to say without using sex toys, or oral sex or manual). According to our expert, preliminary and external stimuli often play a more vital role that penetration to reach orgasm.

She suggests starting with small caresses on the clitoris and lips, which can be very sensitive but are often overlooked. And if you really want to make him turn his head, oral sex are "the easiest way to give pleasure to most women."

6. In terms of female sexual stimulation, there is really no rule

One of the most common errors on the female pleasure is to think that all women are excited by the same.

"Every woman is different and it does not react the same way. Some body parts are more sensitive than others, and these areas vary between women. "To enjoy, some need to be stimulated the clitoris, while others need to be penetrated. The idea is to alternate positions, techniques and lapped areas to see what your partner is the most sensitive.

"Men should not impose their idea of ​​female sexuality with their partners. Can be fun to find out what makes the effect to another, and what excites us mutually. "

7. This is the key point G

The G-spot is controversial among gynecologists: some experts believe they have found the exact location , while others even doubt its existence . Dr. Hutcherson think this mysterious point actually refers to a glandular area around the urethra, the anterior vaginal wall.

"The G-spot is not one," she said. "This is the vagina area that provides the most pleasure to women, but it is not the same at all."

To find it, it offers its patients to follow these instructions:

Lubricate the fingers of your dominant hand and insert into the vagina, palm up.
Push them deeply until you feel the cervix.
Bring them slightly outward and caress the anterior vaginal wall to where it is most sensitive.
Fold your fingers and pat the area in question, "like you to tell someone to approach."
Start slowly, and then louder gradually.

Be touched, or it is observed that one swoons over the thing to never forget the vagina, is the need to listen to the one to whom it belongs.

"Everyone is different, everyone takes pleasure differently. This is the charm of our species. To find what works for you and your partner, try different things, be open and be creative, "she says.

This article, originally published on the Huffington Post US , was translated by Shiff Bamiyan to Fast for Word .

четверг, 29 сентября 2016 г.

Celine Dion:The man behind the look of Celine Dion

(QuebecIn recent monthsin addition to resurrect his careerCeline Dion knows a true "renaissance dressbold looks and (veryoriginaltrendy clothing from international designersthe fashion world is in turmoilTo control this style of adjustmentthe singer turned to Roach Lawa stylist from Chicago who works with singers including Zendaya and Ariana GrandeAnd between Celine and Lawthe chemistry was instanttold us last week that it is first defined as "architect of the picture."

Q Lawwhat is your signatureyour personality as a designer?

A I think it's very sophisticatedbut with a little adventurous side.

Q This is Celine itselfI believewho asked to work with you?

A Yesshe asked to meet me after seeing my work with other clients30 minutes we spent together talking fashionstyle ... and I became her stylist almost immediately after!

Q When you started working with her [last May], was there a "mandatethat was accurate asked you a direction that Celine wanted to look next?

A Nonot reallyI am often asked this questionbut you must know that Celine is a fashion girlshe consults magazinesshe looks great shows and there is much discussion mode togetherShe knows itloves it and is really open to allShe is not afraid to try different thingsthere is nothing she hates automaticallyShe simply loves fashion.

Q What do you think is his style?

R Hmm ... that's a good questionbecause I believe that there is no definitive answerI can not say, "Celine prefers to wear this or that," ... I think his style has no limits.

Q What would you like people "understandby Celine clothes?

A I'd like people to see how we can have confidence and be fulfilled at any ageI think that's why she has so many fans of all agesone does not think his ageIt is also energetic and radiant as it was 20 yearsAnd she has no fear of the modeandas a designerit really makes me very happy.

Q How is it working with her?

R Just amazingThis is one of the most "humanpeople I have ever met in my lifeI never really bad daybut I work and I travel a lotand if one day I am more tired when she enters a roomshe illuminates with her energy and love of lifeWhen you work with someone who has this type of energy is contagiousit rubs off on youAnd the rest of your day will go well.

Q Describe the steps leading to the creation of Celine looks.

R I shop a lotI am in contact with several designers and there are plenty of things that I seeand I think that Celine will love them automaticallyI bring her stuff and made numerous fittingsWe experimentwe play a lot with shapes and colorsAnd it's so nicewe try tons of clotheswe talk and we laugh a lot.

Q What is the implication of Célineshe made many suggestions?

R We work completelyIt's really 50-50but the 50is higher than mine because it's still wearing her clothesIt is truly a team effortShe lets me be an artist ... and when two artists meetlike usit's magic.

Q Do you work in inspiring you to designers in particular?

A Nowe do not have favorite designerswe work with the clothes that make us happyCéline door as many completely unknown designers that very famous.

Q Does he still designers and that you like a lot?

A Not especiallyand I think that's another reason why we work so well togetherwe are not "clingingto a brand or a designerWe need the clothes we "speaksimply.

Q What is your favorite look of Celine since you work with it?

R Ahit's so hard to choose! (LaughterThese are like my "babyis like asking to choose her favorite child! (LaughterIt's hard ... but I have some favoriteslike all gray Balmain she wore in ParisAnd the great Titanic sweaterwhich is also one of the favorite looks CelineIt was so coolPeople thought it was surprising for himbut what they do not realize is that it is not at allit really is a cool girl like that.

Q His new outfits have attracted much attentionAre you happy to see the impact of your work?

A I'm very happyboth for her and for meand I am very proud of the work we do togetherBut most important for meand I constantly repeatis that if she is happyif well and feels goodthat's all I wantAnd the people are nice alsoit makes me very happy and proud.

Q Since your arrival with Celine's teammedia from around the world talking about you and want to meet youAre you surprised at the interest that one carries you?

A I'm not so surprised ... but is that I'm flattered and humbled by itabsolutelyBut that's obviously not what I practice my professionI just want my clientsincluding Celinefeel beautiful and I sayIt's nice to talk to the media and get attention is like the icing on the cakebut my customers are the cake!

Q For his current tourCeline keeps the same outfit on stage throughout the showWhat are the characteristics for this garment?

R Celine is a performershe moves a lotthen it must be comfortableIt should not be restricted in his movementsit must be freefree to be Celine! (LaughterFor the restcostumes are a mix of masculine and femininea strong siderepresented by jacketsfor exampleand a feminine sidewith lace and pearlsIt's a nice balance of his personality.

Q How many there different costumes (each several copiesfor this tour?

A I do not say itI keep it to myselfbecause I want people to be surprised! (To laugh)

Q You are under contract with Celine until when?

A There is no specific time ... but I wish that we be together forever! (To laugh)

Q You accompanied Céline in Paris and Montrealwill you be with her in Quebec City and Trois-Rivières?

A CertainlyI never went to Quebec and I will be very happy to be thereespecially with Celine!
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