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суббота, 22 июля 2017 г.


For a while I have refused to use three letters which only inspire me with disgust, the fourth letter of the alphabet followed by the letters S and K, DSK, does not mean these three letters, KSD, SKD, DKS ... initials that have no meaning, and a very useless variation that brings nothing but annoyance at the present time. Is it necessary to explain who is behind these three innocuous letters?

A man who, as the New York Post pointed out, is incapable of keeping his "closed fly", a man who drags behind him a sordid reputation for his relationship with women, a man who systematically escapes justice in bad faith. Declares systematically that the accusations against him are mere affabulations, nevertheless, in his affair of the Sofitel in NY, one finds traces of seminal liquid (his) on the victim and marks of violence were recorded in the PV, In concluding, he implements his diplomatic immunity against a charge of sexual assault, thereby allowing him to file the case; Against Tristane Banon, the courageous young woman who in France accuses her of having attempted to rape her, but as he is lucky and obviously very protected, He enjoys the prescription for the crime committed, even if the facts are recognized by the court; Today he is putting it off, he is sparing not the French people, that terrible child of politics, he who is defended to pieces and shouts by PS deputies, his long-time friends, or a writer like BHL, Always ready to defend the oppressed, who climbs to the niche for him gold, he has not seen much to defend the victims of his friend DSK, now he is implicated in a case of procuring in Lille he denies With vehemence, somewhat of the kind:
-       I want the police to hear me to wash my honor of this mud that makes me dirty ...
If only it was mud ... but it could be thought that bad luck always strikes at an innocent man, but in the light of each investigation, suspicions are increasingly heavy, or even turn into Beams of evidence, worse, in sensitive revelations. It seems that the whole world is aware of the actions of this individual, and even that everyone knows that it maintains with women a relationship close to brutality and domination. American prostitutes have said that it is not necessary to introduce too sensitive a beginner between her paws and for good reason, when one attends a posteriori to the treatment of shock that would have put under the maid of the Sofitel of NY, To Tristane Banon and others, including the IMF.
Today, the DSK series continues, like a never-ending story, it is in the center of a dirty, very dirty Escort Girl affair in a luxury hotel (again) in Lille and Paris. One could accept that a man of his temple would like to hire the services of young women, and that would be his right, but a man who was to be president of the republic, a man who would set an example to the French, The services of prostitutes by businessmen in the field of construction and public works, I fear that it goes beyond the limits of decency, but especially those of hypocrisy concerning all the cases in which it is involved, since before the Statements that follow, he always publicly claims and claims that he has nothing to do with this case,
 - " I went with Jade, a prostitute whom René (René Kojfer, public relations officer of Carlton, under investigation) had made known to me. There was Fabrice and Jean-Christophe Lagarde. We ended up at the station and then, at four, we went to Paris. We went to a hotel, the Hotel Murano. We ate in the room and then we had sex. Everyone was with his girlfriend, I was with Jade, DSK also had his girlfriend and there were other people . " (David Roquet)
Question: "Has Mr. Strauss-Kahn paid anything?" (Examining magistrate)
"No, he was invited."
- "He was invited but he came with a girlfriend?" (Investigating Judge)
- "Yes."…
In this case, if these declarations are proved, DSK risks being attacked in court for abuse of social goods, sincerely, this wealthy man who is offered this type of service without anything in return, is strange at least?
Unless the professional protagonists of the construction industry have bet on the bad horse and all their efforts and "tariffed sexual" investments have fallen in the water since the arrest of DSK in New York, ah! No luck ... for the upcoming tricks ... One understands well how power works:
- I offer you nice gifts and in exchange, when you are in place, you will return me the same.
In any case, it seems difficult today to believe that DSK is innocent of the crimes he is accused of, even if the justice takes care to save him especially for reasons that escape us, then, if you have An opinion on the question, please share it with us to enlighten our consciousness which is finally lost through the meandering of hypocritical and certainly false statements, to the detriment of victims who have lost their honor and a part of their lives, Not to mention the psychological damage that continues and will continue throughout their lives.
While DSK, struts in public and on TV with a smile of happy contentment, shouting his innocence and redemption, but who can still believe it now?
The only good news of the day is the novelistic end of Le Bouffon de Sirte which puts an end to 42 years of dictatorship, assassination, attacks, rapes, exterminations ????
What if we were lying all along?
No one can rejoice in the death of a being, but was he still human to act as he did, mercilessly, without regrets for humanity or for his suffering people?
Did his people suffer so much?
The hypocrisy is today of pretending to look for the one who would have killed the tyrant to judge him, but it was better for the European leaders that this one has the breath cut off not to reveal the tacit collusions maintained with the great ones of this world .
Long live freedom, and of course, long live America, which is not unrelated to all its revolutions of the Arab Spring, let us never lose sight of the reality and the reasons which are purely economic and geostrategic.
We live in a great time ...

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