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четверг, 14 июля 2016 г.

Alex Best may have split with cheating husband

Alex: I'll never divorce George
By Phil TaylorLONG-SUFFERING Alex Best may have split with cheating husband George but she's vowed to make life awkward for blonde rivals vying to take her place.
In a scathing attack on the fallen soccer legend and new lover Gina Devivo, betrayed Alex raged: "I'm NOT going to divorce him to let her step in."

Her outburst came in the wake of a brief statement on Tuesday that she had separated from alcoholic George after the News of the World exposed his affairs with crop-haired Paula Shapland, 25, and stunning 33-year-old divorcee Gina.
As she poured her heart out to us Alex, 31, repeated her pledge:
"I'm not divorcing George. That would leave it all too open, wouldn't it just? Gina thinks she's going to be the next Mrs Best. But at the end of the day it's all going to come crashing around beneath her.
And I'm not going to be dragged down with it.
I know George has told her she's the most beautiful girl he's ever met.
But it's the same old George rubbish when he wants to woo you. He's very, very good at it.
He said exactly the same thing to Paula Shapland and will say the same thing to the blonde he meets next week as well. Gina just has to realise he is messing around with her. He doesn't want to be with her. And I know that.
She has the mouth of a dustbin. She's very common. And she's no more special to him than anyone else. Next week it won't be Gina. He'll be with another woman. And then another."
Asked if she believed the drunken star would pursue a divorce to marry again, former air hostess Alex said sadly: "He'll die before then, won't he?"
Now shattered Alex has appointed showbiz agent Peter Burrell to act for her, severing her connection with George's agent Phil Hughes, and has started filming a tell-all Channel 4 documentary.
After eight years' marriage she told us she can no longer take the cheating and lies, adding:
"It's been an absolute nightmare. George is off his trolley and it's been driving me absolutely potty. He has been begging me to get back with him, calling me over and over again protesting his innocence. But I know he's been lying through his teeth about Paula and Gina.
And what makes it even worse is that he's now tried to make out it's all my fault— accusing me of being an alcoholic and of sleeping around.
I've done everything I possibly can to help George and don't know what I've done to deserve all this.
But I'm sick to death of it and I'm NOT going to get back with him—and he knows that. He has kicked me in the teeth."
Two weeks ago leggy mother of two Gina, who lives in a Surrey council house, told theNews of the World how she enjoyed a passionate affair with 57-year-old Best.
Despite his two months of denials, Gina revealed: "We had hot sex night after night." Last week the former Manchester United star—living on borrowed time after a liver swap—finally confessed his lust and even posed for a picture with her.
But Alex admits she still loves George —when he's off the booze. "He's a totally different person when he's sober," she sighed.
"But he's been drunk two months now and doesn't know what he's doing. It's just going to get worse. He's going to kill himself."

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