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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

Naked truth of raunchy school miss who seduced boy 14

EXCLUSIVE: We reveal the scandal of the teacher and the teenage pupil that has rocked America 

From David Cox in Tampa, Florida
TODAY we reveal the raunchy past of the stunning teacher accused of luring a 14-year-old pupil into a string of wild sex romps.
The exclusive pictures on the left show curvy Debra LaFave in teasing poses for a motoring magazine when she was a pin-up model.
Now 23, she is at the centre of a sensational scandal that has sparked headlines around the world.
The frenzy exploded when the mother of schoolboy Matthew Merchant overheard him bragging to friends about losing his virginity to a "hot teacher".
The lad and his family are now in hiding after he told police that shapely LaFave seduced him in theCLASSROOM, at her HOME and on the BACK SEATof her 4x4.
The boy's 15-year-old cousin backs his story—claiming he was at the wheel of the car driving around town while the pair had illicit sex behind him.
Both boys gave officers details of a Chinese tattoo said to be on LaFave's back and told them she had a Brazilian bikini wax.
Blonde LaFave, who was arrested this week and charged, faces up to 15 years in prison and fines totalling over £27,000.
But the following day, after being released on bail, she didn't seem to have a care in the world as she went shopping for balloons and threw a birthday party for her 26-year-old husband Kristian.

In statements to police young Matthew claimed his relationship with ‘Miss' began in May at a student party where LaFave gave him her mobile phone number.
Then a few days before the end of term he said she drove him home and kissed him while stopped at traffic lights.
Matthew's statement says that a week later LaFave asked him to help clean her classroom at Greco Middle School, Tampa, Florida, where she had taught reading for two years.
Allegedly she told him she had been thinking about him a lot and had feelings for him that "made her smile".
Police records show Matthew told them that she complained about her year-old marriage being in trouble and confessed she was "turned on by the fact that having sexual relations with him was not allowed".
After explaining that she could not get those feelings out of her mind, they kissed, said the boy.
He claimed that after school broke up LaFave drove him out to her house, took him into the bedroom and performed oral sex on him.

Later she picked him up from a basketball game and, he says, repeated the act in the back seat of the car.
On June 14 LaFave again invited Matthew to help clean the classroom and, according to the youngster, sat next to him on a sofa and asked if he wanted to make love.
His story describes her straddling him, slipping off her shorts to reveal a black thong before having unprotected sex.
Next day LaFave is said to have driven to meet the boy at his cousin's home in nearby Ocala and taken both lads for a ride round town to "get a smoothie".
The 15-year-old cousin, who was also quizzed by cops, said LaFave then asked him to take the wheel of her silver Isuzu Rodeo Sport before climbing into the back, stripping off her underwear and folding the rear seat flat.
He told detectives he drove around town while LaFave lay naked on the back seat with Matthew. The cousin claims he saw Matthew, who had no pants on, move up and down between her legs.
He also reported that he heard the teacher moan a couple of times and then laugh. And he told police that when she was getting dressed he noticed her bikini wax.
He said that when they then drove to a big store, so LaFave could wash and freshen up in the public toilet, cousin Matthew told him: "It was awesome!"

The boys say the teacher returned to Ocala two days later and drove them to nearby Brick City Park where she again had unprotected sex in the car with Matthew—stripping off her purple trousers to reveal she was not wearing any underwear.
It was soon after that Matthew's mum caught him boasting and police were alerted.
Officers then listened in as the boy made two staged phone calls to his teacher.
In one he is said to have asked that as they'd had sex three times did he need to wear a condom. She is said to have replied: "That should be the least of your worries."
With LaFave now facing trial accused of "lewd and lascivious" assault, one of Matthew's astonished girl pals at school told us: "I used to have her as a teacher and she was really strict.
"If you messed about in her class she'd embarrass you in front of everyone and that usually did the trick.
"Matthew plays basketball and is one of the popular crowd. He's really cute and has had lots of girlfriends at school—but normally ones his own age.
"Now his mum is telling him to say nothing—they just want all this to go away so he can get on with the rest of his life."

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