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четверг, 14 июля 2016 г.

Costa clue to Milly

COPS investigating the murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler are probing the movements of the Costa killer.
Tony Bromwich, who has admitted killing two Spanish teenagers in Spain, fled to the country after attacking a Hungarian au pair at a railway station not far from Milly's home.
The 13-year-old vanished from a station in March last year—and cops are checking if Bromwich was in the UK at the time.
If he was, then detectives will immediately make him a "prime suspect".
Bromwich was jailed for 10 years in 1986 after being dubbed the Holloway Strangler.
He throttled five women in North London with rope or electric flex until they passed out, then sexually assaulted them.
A police source said of his possible link with Milly: "We have CCTV of Bromwich prowling platforms at Epsom station minutes before attacking a Hungarian au pair two stops down the line at Leatherhead.
"This rang alarm bells as Milly vanished from Walton-on-Thames station, a few miles from Leatherhead.
"Bromwich's victims are always pretty young women. One of the girls he was jailed for attacking was just 15 —a similar age to Milly.
"With all this to take into consideration, if it is proved he was in the country at the time he has to be seen as a prime suspect for Milly's murder."
Bromwich, 38— who changed his name by deed poll to King—served half his prison term. But he was jailed AGAIN in March 1992 for robbing a woman at knifepoint.
He was released in 1995 and went to Spain in 1997.
Milly is one of four unsolved murders in the UK and two sex attacks which police believe may be linked to Bromwich.
One of the killings is a man and another a woman from the Manchester area. One is also a foreigner in the UK and happened in the past five years. Milly's parents Bob and Sally Dowler have been told of the possible links with Bromwich. Police said: "We are keeping them updated."
Milly was abducted in daylight while walking home from school. Her body was found 20 miles away in woodland in Yateley Heath, Hampshire on September 18 last year.
Scotland Yard murder squad chief Commander Andy Baker said: "We are looking to establish a timeline to show when Bromwich was in the UK, Spain and elsewhere in the world.
"We have also written to chief constables to see if they have any outstanding crimes they want us to look at in connection with him.
"So far we have been asked to look at four murders, one rape and an indecent assault."
Bromwich was living with Chilean wife Cecelia in Carshalton, Surrey, just before he fled to Spain
And he is known to have made frequent visits back here.
His name and description were even circulated among police forces over the Leatherhead attack—but he was never arrested on his trips.
Det Chief Supt Craig Denholm, of Surrey Police, said: "There is good evidence to suggest Tony Bromwich fled to Spain because he knew that he was wanted over the Leatherhead assault.
"We have gone to extensive lengths to check out all sex offenders living in Surrey and neighbouring areas in the course of the Milly Dowler inquiry.
"The fact that Bromwich was living in Spain means that he would not have been on the UK Sex Offenders Register. We are still working with the Spanish police to piece together his modus operandi."
Scotland Yard has started Operation Washfield to liaise with the Spaniards over barman Bromwich, who has confessed to killing Sonia Carabantes, 17, and Rocio Wanninkhof, 19.
He was arrested 10 days ago at home in the mountain town of Alhaurin near Malaga.
His DNA matches evidence at both murder scenes. Forensic officers have uncovered particles on the site where Milly's body was dumped—but they are not thought to be enough to compare with Bromwich's profile. 

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