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вторник, 1 ноября 2016 г.

Tina Kunakey, the new girlfriend of Vincent Cassel

Tina Kunakey is the French model who goes. Her shapely curves and to wish her lioness mane conquered Instagram. From top of its 19 years, the beautiful accounts 80,000 subscribers and already has a skyrocketing career. 

A voluminous mane, doe eyes and a turned-up nose ... Tina Kunakey has a physical and a wild sensuality. The beautiful with dark skin is a rising star of his generation. Present in the next edition of "Vogue Italy", she gradually made a place in this world so elitist fashion. Originally from Sicily, she spent much of her life to Biarritz. The beaches of the Basque coast seem particularly inspire. This young vine 19 years showing off squarely.Buttocks shapely and slender legs, Tina Kunakey likes to pose in a bikini.She is beginning her career through physical so conducive to small outfits. After signing with the Spanish model agency "Mad Models Management" is in London she decided to move. His gangster look pretty and alluring curves making its uniqueness, it also sign in the London agency "SUPA Model Management."

The entry into the big league

In addition to its 80,000 followers on Instagram , the beautiful starts talking to her in one of the clips of the French rapper Kalash, "Danje". A video appearance that seems to have opened the doors of the pretty Parisian evenings where it appears notably with singer Matt Pokora. For several months, the young model enjoys the company of actor Vincent Cassel, with whom she flew to a well deserved holiday on the beaches of Ibiza ... 

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