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среда, 31 августа 2016 г.

Qatari Princess Shaikha Salwa (8 pic)

Qatari Princess Shaikha Salwa الشيخة سلوى

Qatar Princess Sheikha Salwa.

The newspaper "Financial Times" revealed the scandal of the caliber heroine, the daughter of one of the princes of the royal palace in Qatar was arrested in London on charges of obscene; to increase the scandals of the royal family in Qatar, which does not stop and became Tlokha tongues at home and abroad series, the British police attacked A man inside apartments suspect, and the apartment was intended for a brothel owned by a woman named Sheikha "Salwa" the daughter of the former Prime Minister of Qatar Hamad Ibn Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani in Britain.
Where they were to attack the apartment of the presence of the girl brown "Salwa" inside the apartment, and particularly after the rise of one of the suspects men by about 30 minutes, and entered the morality police men then followed the men sixth office to the apartment; only to find within them the daughter of former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim (Sheikha Salwa) during the practice of collective sex with seven European men, three of whom hold British citizenship while the other carries nationalities belonging to the countries of Eastern Europe.
The Sheikha while attacking sex with three of them, while the other four had been waiting in the outer lobby, including the man the suspect, who said the investigation - later - that the country Sheikha agreed with him through an intermediary to supply men specialists in the practice of collective sex-specific ways, with the identification of specific physical specifications of them - according to the Financial Times newspaper reported.
What has surprised the man that the Sheikha Salwa asked six people at one time, which, according to experience something beyond normal endurance capabilities of women, stressing that Ms. give good money, and they asked him to be present on that night all the time; because when he left last night some of them "ill-treatment" so it has cost him be present to intervene if they offended a treatment, and gave him additional money for that work.
Investigations revealed that the Sheikha Salwa, that have been seized, it took some time before being able to answer questions from investigators, to confirm that they do not do something for money, but is to be paid and it is by knowledge of British law, the law does not prevent that, but when faced with police the British have they used a man with a criminal record in creating an act of prostitution outside the scope of the law was amazed to tailor the charge, and I understood after a long explanation to British law, unlike other laws punishable (brothel men) outside the scope of the law, and they asked for sexual services outside the scope of British law and commissioned by a man with a criminal record in that area, and they may inflict on legal liability as a result of what has done.
While the British police exercised its investigation, the men of the sixth office to realize that the case will end up nothing at all, but one of them call a friend to him in the "Financial Times" the British did not stop telling him the whole story, but it also gave him a copy of the images found by British police of the (iPad private Sheikha), which had been commissioned (contractor concert) picked her to lure men in a group, and the man who taken by it explained that in that area can not understand some of the actions, but it seems that Sheikha use those images as a sort of anniversary or as a means to enjoy later, odd that a man described Sheikha saying: "I've never seen before like this hunger among women."
According to British law has been notified of the Qatari Embassy, ​​and that the Sheikha Salwa carrying a diplomatic passport, was not possible for British police to do anything to her more of those questions that have been asked outside the scope of the law, the fact that Sheikha enjoying diplomatic immunity, but the embassy did not care about only one thing: a British journalist of the Financial times, the British, who called her to ask about the implications of the case, and interpret it in the light of the human rights situation for Qatari nationals ordinary in Qatar, but officials at the Qatari embassy strongly Nehruh, then contacted more than once managed the Financial times to pay the newspaper for not publishing, They showed it in the end, 50 million pounds a price for silence.
But the British newspaper ancient and experiencing some financial difficulties refused; to become Qataris scandal is the first thing associated Balozhan at the mention of the name of that state in London, and the Sheikha Salwa has emerged from Britain to exercise its habit favorite in France taken greater precautions so as not to scandal another resonant.
It is said, and the inventory on a close view of the person who oversees the palaces inhabited by some of the fugitives from the grip of their people and were sheltering in the State of this girl Salwa always hesitate on the palace inhabited by wife of former Iraqi President Saddam Hasin..oukd spread in the images as the granddaughter of a clash with grandson the last clothes and shamelessly Koicah..ohzh newspaper published the pictures, said the Kuwaiti newspaper reported that he took in the spa frequented by Salwa.

Qatar Princess Sheikha Mozah

Qatar Princess Sheikha Hind

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Princess Ameerah bint Aidan bin Nayef Al-Taweel Al-Otaibi (Saudi Arabia)
الاميرة اميرة بنت عيدان بن نايف الطويل العصيمي العتيبي

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