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четверг, 14 июля 2016 г.

BROADMOOR child sex beast John Leather is demanding free condoms

NEWS OF THE WORLD INVESTIGATES: Broadmoor  £20,000 legal fight to stop paedophile getting free condoms
Pervert demands
sex behind bars
By Anna Gekoski
BROADMOOR child sex beast John Leather is demanding free condoms to have sex with other patients—and taxpayers must foot the huge legal bill.
The burly pervert, believed to have targeted hundreds of children in a 13-year reign of terror, claims his human rights are violated because he is not allowed to "express himself sexually".
Hospital chiefs have so far been forced to spend £20,000 of public money on legal bills to defend the 
sickening case.
A Broadmoor insider said yesterday: "It's unbelievable that a man with his record can go on about his human rights.
"What about the rights of all the children he has abused? He didn't care about them. After what he has done, why should he be allowed to enjoy himself?"
The 45-year-old sex monster has already been treated to a £1,000 day out on a crowded passenger jet, paid for by taxpayers.
The News of the World reported in May how he sat just feet from unsuspecting families as he took a 700-mile round trip, accompanied by two guards, to see his parents.

Psychologists have also encouraged him to read sick hardcore gay pornographic magazines, including one called Coltmen, as part of his "therapy".
Leather was sent to the top-security Berkshire hospital in 1993 for abducting a 15-year-old boy after being jailed THREE TIMES in the previous 13 years for assaults on children.
Now he is demanding condoms, even though sex between patients is BANNED.
When his request was first denied, he complained to the head of the pharmacy at Broadmoor.
So the pervert was invited to a meeting with the pharmacy boss, the hospital's Associate Medical Director and the secretary of the Medical Board.
When they still refused to supply condoms, Leather complained that it was an infringement of his human rights.
Now solicitors and independent legal advisers have been hired to look at the case, and Leather has been granted legal aid.

But he has warned that he will take his case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights if he is not allowed to have his way.
The hospital source added: "If taxpayers knew what their money was being spent on, they would be outraged."
The scandal is just one of a growing body of ludicrous human rights cases that are costing the taxpayer vast sums.
Asylum seeker Ala Anufrijevas is suing Southwark Council under the Human Rights Act because two £230,000 Victorian homes offered to her in London didn't match up to the house she left behind when she fled Lithuania. The case will cost the taxpayer at least £120,000.
Gypsies Joseph and Mary Varey, refused permission to site a caravan park on green belt land in Staffordshire, were given £75,000 compensation by the European Court of Human Rights.
The couple claimed the enforcement measures violated their "home, family and private life".
And a 46-year-old male psychopath claims high-security Ashworth Special Hospital on Merseyside contravenes his right to a private life after refusing to let him wear women's clothes. The judge reserved his ruling.

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