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среда, 13 июля 2016 г.

SUPERMODEL Sophie Anderton went on a desperate

EXCLUSIVE: Just one day after leaving rehab, tragic supermodel is begging strangers for cocaine and getting legless Sophie's 10-hour binge
From Mazher Mahmood in Nashville, Tennessee

SUPERMODEL Sophie Anderton went on a desperate, booze-soaked 10-hour hunt for cocaine— just a day after checking out of a rehab clinic.
The sozzled former Gossard girl staggered from bar to bar waving fistfuls of cash in the faces of customers and staff, begging them to get her drugs.

She was overheard shouting: "I'll give 300 dollars to anyone who can get me a couple of grams of cocaine."
And when no one would supply her she drowned her sorrows in glass after glass of red wine and vodka.
Meanwhile, her footballer boyfriend Mark Bosnich was frantically searching for her—scouring bars, fields, car parks and even looking in wheelie bins to see if she was slumped there in a drink and drugs coma.
Eventually, News of the World reporters tracked down the brunette, who was 25 last week, to a sleazy shack-cum-bar in Dickson, near Nashville.
Full of remorse, she admitted: "I'm an addict. I have a medical disease which is cocaine addiction. Drugs have been my crutch for years and years and have destroyed my life. Now I want people to know about it."
The drama began when Sophie left the Recovery Ranch near Nashville on Wednesday following a four-week course of rehabilitation after what she described as "a breakdown."
The News of the World exclusively reported her decision to enter the clinic at the time.
Bosnich, 31, had arrived in Nashville last weekend and was staying at the Hampton Inn motel near the ranch. After leaving the clinic, Sophie moved into the motel with Bosnich so they could spend a couple of days together before heading back home.

But on Thursday afternoon the couple had a blazing row.
"I asked her to leave me alone for half an hour," said ex-Aston Villa and Chelsea goalie Bosnich. "But she just went missing."
In fact, Sophie had walked a few hundred yards across the road to the Ruby Tuesday bar where she ordered two glasses of red wine followed by two double vodkas, then more wine and another two double vodkas.
"She was getting really loud, saying she'd just been in rehab but didn't give a **** any more, she just wanted to get drunk," said a barmaid called Angie.
"In all she had at least six double vodkas and nearly two bottles of wine in between. She said she'd had a bust-up with her boyfriend and was clearly very distressed."
A barman named Casey continued: "She started pulling out wads of dollar bills and offering 300 dollars to anyone for two grams of cocaine. I told her to be careful because she was heading for big trouble."

Sophie staggered out of the bar and headed for a small green shack called Charlie's Corner, a seedy bikers' bar. There she downed more wine and approached people for cocaine. Her next stop was O'Charley's bar and diner, a few minutes' walk away.

A staff member called Athena said: "She ordered a whole load of vodkas and wine which she put away like a man. Then she started asking the bar girls if they could get her cocaine. She was offering big money.
"I tried to sober her up. But she said she'd just been in rehab and wanted to celebrate getting out by doing coke because she hadn't had some for so long."
At O'Charley's, Sophie cosied up to one of the regulars, a handlebar-moustached courier called Tim. They left the bar together and went to Thunder Alley, a local bowling alley which also has a disco bar.

She kicked off her flip-flops to dance and never saw her shoes again. Tim, who was trying to make her eat food and lay off too much booze, finally took her back to Ruby Tuesday's because that was where she remembered starting her missing hours. He left her talking to a kindly-looking old man.
Frantic Bosnich, meanwhile, was continuing his search, jogging up and down the busy Interstate 40 motorway, asking any passers-by he could find if they had seen anyone matching Sophie's description.
He wept after futilely dialling her mobile more than 100 times.
At around 11pm on Thursday, Bosnich returned to his hotel room and called the police.
But News of the World reporters had more luck. We finally tracked Sophie to Ruby Tuesday and found her sitting at the bar, dishevelled and bare-footed.
"I lost my shoes," she said forlornly to the old man, who was wearing a cowboy hat.

Finally she spotted our reporter and padded over. We sat at a table and she finally spoke openly about her drug problem.
"I'm addicted to cocaine," she said simply. "I always will be and I have to deal with it. Before coming here, I was doing three to four grams a day at £50 a gram.
"When I was a 19-year-old model, someone put two grams of cocaine in front of me. He said, ‘If you want to get on, you have to take coke'.
"When I did Gossard I knew who I was, but I don't recognise myself any more. My life has been wrecked by drugs but now I'm taking a firm grip of it.
"People have to understand that drugs are not cool. Drug addiction destroys your life. Cocaine doesn't make you thin or keep you thin. Cocaine doesn't make your career. Young models need to know that cocaine only destroys everything around you. It causes sorrow and disillusion."
Sophie decided to go into rehab after a public row last month with Bosnich, who was sacked from Chelsea after testing positive for cocaine.
"When I came over here I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay with Mark," she said. "But now I'm sure. He's stood by me. My family aren't for us being together, along with a lot of other people. My mum blames everyone except me.
"Mark and I are together and I'd like to spend the rest of my life with him. I'd be a lucky woman to marry him."
Asked about the row with Mark that led to her ten-hour binge, she would only say: "There are just some things you shouldn't be honest about. There was no one else involved, just an incident. It was my fault."
Our reporter then took Sophie back to Bosnich's motel. He was beside himself with relief.
"You don't know how much Sophie means to me," he said. "Thank you for all you've done."
Yesterday, the pair flew back to London to begin a new life.
Sophie admitted: "Going back is scary. I don't trust people in London where the lifestyle is full of drugs. I want a second chance but I know I ****ed up big time."

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