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среда, 13 июля 2016 г.

SEX-starved Cameron

I can't wait to make love to a woman for the first time
By Rachel Richardson

SEX-starved Cameron says his first time with a woman can't come soon enough.
Asked if he was looking forward to it he blurted: "I'm a man for heavens sake!"
But the committed Christian says that despite his frustration he'd never have sex out of wedlock.
"I would never have had sex before marriage," he said. "I don't believe in that."
But he confessed to un-Christian thoughts while he was in the house, admitting that he fancied sexy Anouska.

"I was gutted that I nominated Anouska on the first day," he said. "During that first week she really shone, she was a gem."
But diplomatic Cameron declined to name the female housemate who would be his ideal mate.
"All the girls rolled into one would be the perfect wife," he beamed.
He's been linked to Steph after they snogged when she got drunk at a party.
But Cameron insists they're just good friends, even though she has accepted his invite to visit his family in Orkney.
"I don't see any romance happening," he said.
And while some housemates dived under the duvet to deal with their sexual frustration in the house, Cameron said he had his own way of coping.
He said he enjoying the other housemates' "banter" — and ate lots of "chunky chocolate".
Cameron said that he's been plagued by guilt over his "un-Christian behaviour" during his time on Big Brother.

He felt he had been particularly cruel to mouthy housemate Lisa. All Big Brother fans thought the "big secret" he had was the fact that he is a virgin.
But Cameron revealed that it was in fact his devastation over being cruel to Lisa, who had little time for Cameron either.
She branded him a closet homosexual after being evicted and said he was a "psycho".
What Cameron didn't tell the housemates was that he nearly got married when he was 18—to his childhood sweetheart on Orkney.
However, after their six-month relationship, during which they didn't have sex Lynn Cursiter became a lesbian.
Last night he revealed: "When I was 18 I was gagging to get married. I was desperate for it. That wasn't just because I wanted to have sex, it was because I wanted to settle down.
Now Cameron, pictured left yesterday, can't wait to get back home to see his friends and family in Orkney.
"They are my harshest critics and the best judges of what went on in the house," he said.
Cameron is said to have boosted tourism by 500 percent on the island.
But he said he did not want to become an ambassador for his home.
He said: "On the last Orkney tourism brochure there was a picture of the former Big Brother housemate Elizabeth Woodcock inside the cover. I hope that doesn't happen to me."
But he is considering a career on TV, just like the past three Big Brother winners.
He said it would be "cool" to present BBC 1's Songs of Praise.
Cameron's massive 1,928,570 vote—57.5 percent of viewers—was swelled by thousands of Christians. But Cameron said he would not be going on a crusade for the Church.
He added: "If anyone asks me about my Christian beliefs I will tell them. I'm not shy about talking about God."

Cameron, at one point a 33-1 outsider, was stunned to win Big Brother.
And he vehemently denied housemate Jon Tickle's claims that he had a gameplan and that he had suppressed his true feelings so that he could come over as a nice guy.
He said: "It feels freaky to win. I never thought it would happen. When Davina McCall was reading out the name I was thinking ‘Ray, Ray, Ray' and I'm sure Ray was thinking ‘Cameron, Cameron, Cameron'.
"When she said it was me I just thought, ‘What!'
"I didn't go on Big Brother to win. I went on it to do the show, to enjoy the Big Brother experience."
The virtual teetotaller said his unhappiest moments in the house were when the other housemates got drunk.
"I don't like it when people get over emotional because of drink," he said.
"I like having a good time like everyone else, but drink can make people very negative. That got to me. But I was not offended when Steph snogged me when she was drunk. That was not objectionable." 

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