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воскресенье, 28 августа 2016 г.

Having a Good RMA Experience

RMA or return merchandise authorization is when you send back a defective product to the manufacturer of the product while it is still under their warranty. They have to give you what is called a RMA number, which means that they know that you are sending back a product that is still covered. Once you have this number you ship your product to them, and they ship a replacement back to you.
Just recently, I had to ship out a Western Digital hard drive from my computer. I did not know that I had the option to send it back to them. I figured I had to go buy myself a new hard drive, as the drive was a few years old. A friend of mine mentioned I should check if it is still covered, as most hard drive manufacturers have a three or five year warranty on it. I typed in the numbers that the online application asked for, finding them by using the included pictures, and once it said that the hard drive was still covered, I began to read all that I had to do to make sure my RMA went off without a hitch.
Steps I took that may help you include:
  • Print Out two copies of the RMA request sheet that has all your details, including the serial number of the part you are sending back.
  • Keep one copy somewhere safe, while putting the other copy with the item you are sending back.
  • Write the RMA number in large numbers on all sides of the box you are using to return your item.
  • Package up the product the best you can using foam, or bubble wrap. Do not use newspaper, as it will not protect the item well.
  • Make sure that in the box is the RMA request form, with your return address.
  • Make sure to put your return address on the box.
  • When sending through the mail, make sure you have proper insurance and tracking on the item.
  • Stay in touch through the website, e-mail or telephone with the company that you sent the product to.
After a while, you will have the exact same product you sent out, but hopefully without the problems you originally had.
For computer parts, you might be required to wrap the item in an anti-static bag. If you do not have one of these handy, going to any local computer shop, and they will usually be happy to give you one of the hundreds of extras they have. Some will even do the RMA for you, if you bought the part there or not.
Making sure you do the whole process correctly will ensure that you have less problems and less time apart from whatever you sent, be it a camera, speakers, or like myself, a hard drive.

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