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понедельник, 29 августа 2016 г.

The miliardaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, victim of a serious bike accident

PEOPLE - Richard Branson control its communication to wonder, in all circumstances. So while it was a victim of a serious bike accident Wednesday theBritish Virgin Islands , the founder of the Virgin Group itself has shared photos of her condition after the accident on the site of his company .
In a long message accompanying the photos, titled "my life flashed before me" and on Friday, he recounts the incident in detail.

"I went down to Leverick Bay when suddenly the sky darkened and I hit a speed bump. All I've realized is that I flipped over the handlebars and my life paraded before me, says the billionaire 66 years. I really thought I was dying (...) but fortunately my cheek and my shoulder took the brunt of the impact, and I was wearing a helmet that m ' saved the life. "
"When I landed, having realized I was still alive, I began testing my movements. I could not believe I was alive, let alone non-paralyzed."
Richard Branson was then transported to Miami where he underwent scanners and radios. "(I) am very lucky and, apart from a fractured cheek and ruptured ligaments, I hope to take part in the Virgin Strive Challenge next month," he added.

The Virgin Strive Challenge is a physical challenge to reach Mount Etna in Sicily since the Matterhorn in Switzerland using only human power (walking, cycling and swimming) to raise money for charitable Organisation. Richard Branson says he was training for this event when he had his accident.
Despite his injuries, he keeps morale, as shown in this tweet:
 Forget my injuries (cracked cheek, torn ligaments) – I'm having to drink tea out of a straw!

As recalled by the Sun , the billionaire has a habit of accidents during his many adventures. In May 2016, he was bitten by a stingray. The same week he opened the skull pouncing in a reinforced door. In 1987, while trying to achieve the first transatlantic balloon flight, he completed his journey in the sea off Scotland and had to be rescued by the Royal Navy.

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