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воскресенье, 7 августа 2016 г.

How to Behave as Part of an Audience

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in the middle of a sucky performance. Or perhaps you’re in a movie with idiots. Or be in a concert where you’re with someone who thinks that yelling “Freebird!” in the middle of a song hasn’t gone way old. You’ve forgotten why you thought it was the best way to spend the night, and you curse yourself for buying the expensive ticket. When this happens to you, what do you do? Learn how to behave like a civilized member of the audience even if the show is not worth watching at all. We have reasons why you should show appreciation.
The performers might have family and friends in the audience. For all you know, the whole row in front of you consists of family and friends of the performers. Just think how many people you might infuriate if you don’t watch what you’re saying. To avoid any violence and threats against your life, just shut up, watch and endure.
Think how scary it is for these performers to be up on stage. Don’t intimidate them more by jeering, making loud nasty comments, or by expressing your disgust through facial expressions. Sure they may be pros but hey, not everyone can just forget such a common fear. In fact, I haven’t seen anyone devoid of nerves when performing in front of a crowd.
Be generous with your clapping. When the point comes where there’s a lot of boo-boos and slip-ups, you can help lighten up the mood by giving a little encouragement. Clapping is a very good way to encourage the performers to relax.
Don’t boo. Regardless of whether or not the show was indeed rubbish, booing is very rude. Control yourself even if others have already started booing.
When it’s time for curtain call, clap for the worst performer. Getting embarrassed on stage is traumatic. Don’t make it harder for him. A delightful audience will help him get over it. You don’t have to be over enthusiastic with it, just enough to be heard would be okay.

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