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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

Peter Crouch's girl had a ball with a blonde -new love Abi Clancy

Here's giant England striker Peter Crouch's new love Abi Clancy...scoring with another girl.
The beauty writhed on an Ibiza hotel bed with former bandmate Anna Orr in the days when their group Genie Queen was trying to hit the big time.
Abi, 20—who was in Germany cheering Peter on in England's opening game against Paraguay yesterday—was always up for fun, however daring, say pals.
"In those days Abi and Anna were very close and would do whatever it took to make the band a hit," said a friend.
"But Abi was the life and soul of Genie Queen. She would party all night with the other girls. Peter Crouch is a very lucky guy."
Abi, who has been seeing 6ft 7in World Cup star Peter for six months, was in tears when Genie Queen's first single flopped. The band were later scrapped.

But now three major record labels are desperate to sign her after she hit the "big" time in a different way—by falling for 25-year-old Crouch. And Genie Queen are to reform.
The group's manager Andy McCluskey, of 80s band OMD, said: "I called her and said, listen do you still want to be a singer.
"She said, ‘Yes please, I'm very happy in my relationship but I'm not sure I want to be known for being a footballer's girlfriend. I want to be known for what I always wanted to do.'
"Her major concern is that people are going to think she's just a pretty girl on the arm of a famous player. It was never Abi's intention to go out with a footballer to further her career.
"But now people who wouldn't return my calls for six months are calling me.
"She's a stunner, but then all the Genie Queen girls are."
Abi flew out to join Liverpool ace Peter in Germany on Friday.
But before she went she hit back at claims she was going out with him for fame.
She said: "The people who love me know what I'm really like.
"I've always done what I thought was right for me.
"And I don't feel the need to defend myself about anything from my past."

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