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пятница, 26 августа 2016 г.

Weight Loss Tips

Many people try “fad diets” and they just don’t work. Though people are continually convinced that a certain fad diet should work and to a point they are right as most of them do hold some element of truth to their main idea or concept.
Sugarbusters Diet
A diet like Sugarbusters looks to have you cut down your sugar intake, and I doubt there is a doctor in the world that will say “you need more sugar, or you will die!”. Monitoring the amount of sugar you take in will also force you to read the ingredients list, something that many doctors say would be good for anyone looking to lose weight, or just be healthier, as we then begin to understand just how much sugar, fat, and sodium we are putting in our body.
Atkins Diet
The Atkins diet asks you to cut down carbs, and while this is effective, it must be properly managed, and the success stories seem to come from those that are watching more than just their carbs as they take part in the diet. Managing your intake on things like carbs, calories, and other such things can drastically reduce your weight over time.
Don’t forget, no matter what you do to take some sort of multivitamin to make up for the ones you will be missing out on, even if all you are doing is reducing your portion sizes. Also, make sure you are taking a vitamin that suits your needs. If you are a young man, you should not be taking vitamins designed for people over 40 or 65. Also, watch the potency level, as I know many people have difficulties digesting higher potency vitamins, so be ready to have to abandon a stronger vitamin if it causes you any digestive problems.
Another important tip would be to make sure you are getting lots of water. When you are not properly hydrated, your body will hold on to a bit of extra weight for rationing out essential water for your organs health, so drinking lots of water can help you shed those extra pounds your body has been holding onto. Sugar packed juices, coffee, and soda do not count as water.
While diet can bring you a far way from your original weight, a way to speed up the process and make sure that the weight that you are losing is not partially muscle disappearing, is to move more. Your muscles are very much “use them or loose them” items. Building things like your core strength (abs and back strength), will improve your posture, and support your body better, which if you suffer from back pain, increasing your core strength can reduce the pain, sometimes getting rid of it completely.
For every extra step you take in a day, rather than driving, waiting in an elevator, that is one more calorie your body is burning, rather than turning into fat. Over time, it can quickly add up into pounds being shed, leaving a much more toned exterior.
Quick List
A quick list of tips for those that don’t like reading:
  • Manage your intake of sugar, sodium, fat and calories
  • Drink lots of Water
  • Take a Multivitamin
  • Try to find ways to move more
  • Build up your Core Strength
Important Note
I am not a doctor by any means, but I know how to lose weight, and so does everyone else, and while the task might seem monumental, or impossible, it really isn’t. Two or three small decisions can create a change in your life that leads you from being overweight, to a more healthier weight. Those changes only need to be things like replacing coffee with water or milk, controlling the size of your sugar indulgence (i.e. chocolate or ice cream) or getting off one floor before where you are going, and taking the stairs that one last floor.
Make one small change today, make it a habit, and enjoy a healthier more active life.

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