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воскресенье, 28 августа 2016 г.

How to Deal with a Name-Calling Boss

He calls you “Four Eyes.” for Never mind if you’re already a ranking supervisor and he does it in front of other people. You know it’s unprofessional but he’s the man who calls the shots. But name-calling pisses you off. And there’s no way you should stand down.
Here’s what you could do to manage a name-calling boss:
  • Deal with it in private
    Making a retort in public would just aggravate the matter. Don’t make it an eye for an eye. Know deep inside that you’re better than the person so don’t make the mistake of stooping down by dealing with him in public. Make a formal appointment to see him in private.
  • Be calm
    Coming on too strong or sounding angry and aggravated would just cause sparks to fly. BUt make sure to inform him that calling you names is rude and uncalled for. You’ve got a decent nickname that people use.
  • Apologies accepted
    If he’s a man who partially has the decency of a normal human being, he would probably apologize. If he does, then accept it gracefully.
  • Resolve the matter
    With all been said, resolve the matter like true professionals. Just don’t make any more fuss about it and make the mistake of telling other people about the matter.

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