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суббота, 6 августа 2016 г.

How to Get in the Winning Zone

When you’re up for a challenge, you know there’s only one way it can end. Thewinner has to be you. But all the pressure of winning is just so stressful that sometimes you feel drained even before the game starts. When the desire to win is so strong, it often renders us tense. This is understandable; it’s hard when people expect a lot from you. If you want a less stressful attitude towards winning, read on and learn from these suggestions.
Two things that’s gonna boost your chances are preparation and training. As soon as you decide you’re up for a competition, plan your line of attack. If you’re joining a sports competition, prepare your training equipment so you can start training immediately. If you’re joining a trivia contest, prepare your reviewers so you can start studying. If you’re joining a singing contest, decide on your song so you can master it as soon as possible.
Analyze your competitor’s strength and weaknesses. If you know where to hit them, you’d know how to win. Knowing your opponent’s weak points will give you an insight on how you can earn more points against them.
Keep your cool at all times. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Sure, a lot of people expect you to win. Why wouldn’t they - you’re good! But instead of allowing yourself to get pressured by their expectations, look at it as an inspiration. These people expect you to win because they know that you can win. That should be enough to keep you in high spirits.
Ask yourself why you want to win and don’t ever forget the answer to that question. Some people get so obsessed with the idea of winning that they actually forget the reason they wanted to win. If you know why you’re in the game, if you don’t forget why winning is important for you — that’s how you perform your best.
Training can only give you so much brawn and endurance. But after every game you won, the most important is the fulfillment you feel because that’s how you know that winning matters.

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