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понедельник, 8 августа 2016 г.

I want hot Saskia Howard now

BB MAXWELL: Cheeky cockney lifts the lid on how he's desperate to bed his Big Bruv bird

by Rachel Richardson
MAD-FOR-IT Max rushed out of the Big Brother House desperate to get in the sack with sexy Saskia.
In his first interview since his eviction, randy Maxwell Ward, 24, said: "I can't wait to get down to it. What fella wouldn't?"
Stolen moments of passion under the Big Brother duvet with Saskia have left the London loudmouth gagging for more.
"But if she had popped her head up after two-and-a-half minutes, no one would have been impressed. I'd have been in trouble."
However Maxwell was red-faced when he learned TV viewers had heard slurping and bangle-jangling noises coming from the bed they shared.


He said: "We tried to keep things under wraps, without making any noise. It was hard work.
"But if I could have switched off the cameras I would have gone for it."
Maintenance engineer Maxwell admitted there were times his frustration got the upper hand and his sexiest moment was when he was by himself in a cardboard box for a task.
He revealed: "She was in one box and I was in another and we managed to get next to each other. I poked a hole through and kind of enjoyed myself, while she was talking me through it."
But he said he was not tempted to cheat with the other housemates after 23-year-old Saskia was kicked out of the house last week.
He said: "Even if I'd stayed in there for six weeks I'd have liked to have thought Saskia Howard would be waiting for me. I wasn't going to jump into bed with another bird, especially considering that they are a bit ropey."
Now, apart from finding out which players his beloved Arsenal have signed over the summer, Max can't wait to score with Saskia Howard .
He said: "It would be nice to get a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka down her neck.
"I'm sure it will take that amount of alcohol to get her to bed me."
Maxwell is also still amazed he wooed such a stunner and admitted, with his trademark catchphrase: "Saskia is off the hook.
"There were t**ts everywhere on the first night and I fancied Sam at the beginning because she walked in with nothing on. But she then spent the next two weeks with nothing on.


"Saskia Howard  kept her clothes on and I ended up falling for her, so it proves you shouldn't judge on first impressions.
"We got on wicked and had a great laugh together. I really enjoyed being with my treacle."
But he did not find the other housemates quite as tasty.
He said: "I didn't know Makosi fancied me. But after all she's only human. I thought she was ropey.
"Derek fancied me as well—he was always touching me and grabbing my cheek."
But it was Orlaith who really scared him.
Max said: "She's a pretty girl, but she has hands like a bunch of bananas.
"If a girl has small hands you're going to look better in the sack. What's the point in big hands?"
Eugene-"He's weird and his stories were crap."
Science-"He's alright but the arguments about food really wound me up. We don't see eye to eye."
Craig-"He's pucker, he's a really nice bloke. It'll be hard for him to have a good time without me though."
Anthony-"He's great. We talked about birds and football and we are ready to abuse the bars in Whitley Bay, Newcastle and Islington when he comes out."

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