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суббота, 6 августа 2016 г.

Sam Heuston foam strip got lads in lather

Sam gets her kit off in Tenerife

By Paul Kennedy
SEX addict Sam Heuston strips naked in front of a leering audience baying for more—but it was long before she even dreamed of entering the Big Brother House!
The saucy brunette peeled off her flimsy bikini as a lager-fuelled crowd cheered her on at a foam party on the holiday isle of Tenerife.
There goggle-eyed with his mates was student Callum Cousins who had palled up with Sam earlier at their hotel poolside.
"She was loving all the attention," said Callum, 21, of Farnborough, Hampshire. "And she couldn't wait to get her kit off. Sam was quickly up on the podium dancing very sexy. All she had on was a black bikini and that didn't stay on for long.
"There was another girl up there and the DJ said whoever stripped off the most would get free tickets to another bash. Both tops came off quickly but that's where the other girl bottled out. Not Sam!
"All the crowd were chanting ‘Get 'em off!' and she did. I got an amazing view. My pal had his camera with him and we just took some snaps.
"After her strip she vanished and eventually turned up back at the hotel on another coach in a right state, in a heap and virtually out for the count. A mate and I just dumped her on her bed and left her to it."
It's that unpredictable behaviour that's led to her being treated as an outcast by the other TV housemates.
And now she's almost at breaking point after Derek Laud threw her out of the bedroom and insisted: "That girl is completely psycho...when she has alcohol she turns into a psycho."

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