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суббота, 6 августа 2016 г.

Mirror on the wall, who's the Saskia Howard-est of 'em all?

EXCLUSIVEBB beauty loved to see her breasts bouncing, says holiday lover

By Matthew Acton
SAUCY Saskia Howard-Clarke insists her lovers keep her satisfied with a nice big reflection during sex.

For Saskia likes to ogle her whopping 34FF boobs in the mirror as she makes love.
And her ex-boyfriend Nathan Greene has revealed how, as she kept an eye on her breast bits, he had to talk dirty to titillate her even more.
Nathan said: "She is especially proud of her breasts and who can blame her? I'm quite fond of them myself.
"We stripped off for sex and she adjusted the mirror so she could see herself. She said she loved looking at the way her boobs moved as she was making love."
In the Big Brother house Saskia, 23, now has her eye on Maxwell.
They've been flirting all week and yesterday he stole a kiss after asking her to check his "morning breath".
The cheeky chappie rubbed his face in hers while she was in bed and they locked lips.
Max has already told Anthony: "Love doesn't even come close to the way I'm feeling about her. She makes me laugh." He'll need a good sense of humour and a large looking glass if they do get it on.
Nathan told how he and Saskia had sex in a variety of positions but she always made sure she could get a good view of herself. "Every time she was looking at herself in the mirror. It really turned her on.
"She also told me to talk dirty to her. She wanted me to tell her how beautiful and large her breasts were. She really got off on that."
Nathan, an architecture student at Nottingham University, fell for Saskia, from Surbiton, Surrey, after they met on holiday in Corfu. They ended up in bed when Saskia got kicked out of her apartment.
He said she asked if she could share with him for the last three days of the return for sex.
It was an offer he couldn't refuse.
"We'd only kissed up until that point and she said she usually waited a while before sleeping with someone, but the only way she could repay me for letting her stay was with sex," said Nathan. "I wasn't complaining. She was adventurous and dominant. Every time she got tired of one position she'd try something new."
On their last night together, they put on a naughty end-of-the-pier show.
He said: "We went for a stroll on the beach. It was romantic in the moonlight." But soon sexy Saskia was leading him on to a jetty.
Nathan said: "We walked to the end and she just lay down and demanded I make love to her. I could see the sea between the planks and thought, ‘I hope this thing is sturdy'.
"Later Saskia climbed on top and pulled off her top to reveal her breasts. It was an amazing sight. I felt very lucky."
Student Nathan, 22, told us: "I couldn't believe my luck. Saskia has an amazing body and is rightly very proud it.

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