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четверг, 1 сентября 2016 г.


Couple in lobby row
Liam gives Nicole some Gall-agro
By Rav Singh
LIAM GALLAGHER had a huge bust-up with fiancée NICOLE APPLETON after a night out took a bitter turn.

Actually, make that a lager-and-champagne-chaser-style turn...
Because after boozing with pals the Oasis star threw the mother of all strops as Nicole begged him to come home.
And in the lobby of the trendy Metropolitan Hotel, next door to The Met bar where Liam had been drinking, the two lovers let rip—as my exclusive pictures show.
An onlooker said: "Liam was very drunk and was knocking back his drinks very quickly.
"You could see that Nicole was losing patience with Liam and after talking to him for about five minutes she just gave up and walked out.
"But then she stormed back in as Liam went to the hotel's check-in desk to book a room and started yelling at him to stop."
Unfortunately, Liam was in no mood for listening. My source added: "He was joined by some friends and he carried on partying the night away, while Nicole went home."
Despite Liam's drunken antics, sources say the underlying problem between the pair is the Oasis frontman's refusal to set a date for their wedding.
He's been keeping Nicole dangling for FIVE YEARS and even though they have a three-year-old son GENE, Liam appears to be in no rush to make things official—especially after his messy split from PATSY KENSIT.
I'm told: "Nicole feels she deserves her big day after all she's put up with, but Liam keeps finding excuses why they can't get hitched.
"He needs to make his mind up soon because Nicole won't wait for ever."

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