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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

Stephen Tompkinson wife in stranger txt-sex

THE wife of Ballykissangel star Stephen Tompkinson had a bizarre internet fling, talking dirty to her cyber lover in chatrooms and bombarding him with sleazy texts.
Nicci Tompkinson also used her camera phone to send Chris Price a photo of her bare boob and another shot showing her suggestively sucking on her finger.
In one of the text messages naughty Nicci, 31, told Chris: "You're gettin me all horny-grr-and ***--!"
But when she finally went to meet him in the flesh, she took her three-year-old daughter Daisy and half-sister Olivia, 16, along too!
Chris, from St Austell in Cornwall, told the News of the World: "Even though she told me she was married, from the way she talked dirty and the pictures she sent me, I really thought my luck was in with her. I thought we'd have sex when we met."
But all Chris got was a snog and a love bite before Nicci got cold feet.
"When it came to the crunch she backed off and kept saying she was married," he said.
Earlier Nicci had been a lot more outgoing when she talked about her planned trip to Cornwall online. She asked: "you wanna **** me on the restaurant table?"
And, after sending him a shot of a sexy, black, high-heeled ankle boot with steel toe cap, she asked: "you wanna **** me with my stetson on?"

The shocking messages are in stark contrast to the way Nicci is portrayed in glossy magazines with Stephen, who played a priest in Ballykissangel.
The actor—once engaged to Bally co-star Dervla Kirwan—and Nicci struck a lucrative deal for their wedding photos three years ago and recently posed for more at their £1million home in Datchet, near Windsor.
They are portrayed as a blissfully happy couple...but the messages Nicci sent to Chris told a different story. "She said she was unhappy in her marriage and considered herself single," he said.
While hapless Stephenwas downstairs drinking, playing pool or watching TV, Nicci was upstairs with her laptop and cyber lover.

They'd talk online until 3am, chat on the phone for up to three hours at a time and send as many as 20 sexy texts a day.
Chris, a former car magazine writer, said: "She was very graphic in the way she talked to me.

"We talked dirty to each other and she loved it. She often told me she was touching herself when we were chatting."
In one text, Nicci told Chris: "Mmm-honey you say the horniest things-God I so want to **** you-right now".
She took the picture of her bare breast at 1am.
"Nicci said she was feeling aroused and playful and wanted to send me a naughty photo," said Chris.

"I didn't ask her to do it, she just said she was feeling horny."
But he did ask Nicci to send him the snap of her sucking on her finger and she obliged. "That picture turned me on more than any of them," said Chris.
When Nicci sent Chris the shot of her black boot, she told him she wanted him to see what she'd wear when they met.

"In the end, she actually wore some white calf-length boots, which were also very sexy," said Chris.
But the meeting on August 23, at a pub in Looe, Cornwall, spelled the end of the relationship.

Nicci texted to say she was bringing Daisy and Olivia along and told him the kiss on the lips he'd promised her would have to wait.
However Chris said: "When Olivia and Daisy couldn't see, we kissed. She even gave me a love bite on my neck."
Later he pushed Daisy in her buggy as they walked back to Nicci's hotel. "The others went inside and we walked to the back of the hotel where we started kissing. But it didn't go any further than that," said Chris.
"She rang the next day and said our intimate clinch had freaked her out. I texted her a few days later and she replied, ‘Look Chris just leave it. I can't do this any more. Sorry. X'."
When we asked Nicci about her bizarre friendship, she said: "Which relationship? There is no relationship."
However when we showed her all our evidence, she slammed the door. 

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