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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

Orlaith McAllister: my marathon sex romps!

By Jane Atkinson
SUPER-FIT Big Brother babe Orlaith McAllister has revealed her secret training for the London Marathon.
She says her peak condition is all down to one thing - Olympian sex sessions with her new man, property tycoon Gary McCausland.

She revealed: "As soon as we are together we just rip each other's clothes off and then make love for HOURS.

"Sex works every muscle in your body. I feel really fit and it is down to that. My bum has never felt so tight."
Orlaith 26, and Gary-who presents a property show on Five-met last year at a charity show in Belfast.
And it's for a charity close to her heart-the Anthony Nolan Trust-that she is hoping to raise thousands today.
"When I started thinking about the marathon I met a little boy who has leukaemia," said Orlaith.
"His parents aren't bone marrow matches so he's still searching. It was so sad and I realised I wanted to do something to raise awareness."
The Irish-born beauty recently took a break from her gruelling "training schedule" to go on a Spanish holiday.
Wearing a skimpy yellow bikini she showed off her newly-toned figure on a yacht.
Orlaith says she may run again next year and will probably need a training partner.
Now that really would be worth running 26 miles for!

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