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четверг, 29 сентября 2016 г.

Mikey Dalton: I'LL BED GRACE!

RANDY reality reject Mikey Dalton rushed out of the BB house vowing to get his wicked way with former housemate Grace Adams-Short.
But the sex-starved scouser has just 48 hours to tango with the dance teacher before BB viewers could pull the plug on his plans by voting them back into the show. View our reali-totty slideshow
In his first interview since his Friday night eviction, the 23-year-old model said: "I definitely want to get her into bed.
"Grace and sex were the only things I missed in the house. It's going to be amazing to be with her again."
He admitted diving under the duvet with her in the first few weeks of the series had left him gagging.
"It was really hard for me and Grace to control ourselves when we were in bed together," he groaned.
"But there were cameras around 24/7 and you can't forget about them—they're total passion killers.
"You can hear them zooming in on you. If they'd been quieter it would have been better."
The loved-up pair were reunited live on Friday night's eviction show and Mikey said: "It's early days, but there's a special bond between me and Grace and I hope we become a proper couple."
However they parted within hours of meeting up because Grace (left) had to head off to Cornwall to make a personal appearance in Newquay, yesterday.
Today they will get together in London again, but Mikey needs to move quickly as they could be voted back on to the show on Tuesday.
Worse than that— one of them could be welcomed back into the main house for the final week, robbing them of another chance of romance.
Mikey believes they will not be the only two to pair up after leaving the compound.
After candid chats with Pete, Mikey revealed the singer had admitted he had strong feelings for Nikki. Mikey even joked that he and Grace, 20, may go on a double date with them.
He added: "Pete told me that they will definitely see each other, that it will be more then friends and that they'll be close."
But that could all be scuppered by Jennie. She appeared to tell Pete she fancied him during a bizarre late night coded conversation.
The pair talked gibberish about animals after Jennie admitted she had a secret to tell. When they were alone they suggestively sniggered about "bones" and "animal fetishes".

Jennie also guaranteed her place in the house for the final week yesterday by winning the board game challenge.
Meanwhile Mikey may have some explaining to do. He cosied up with Imogen after Grace had left the house.

But he said: "Nothing was ever going to happen between me and Imogen and it wouldn't have, even if Grace wasn't an issue.
"Me and Imogen are on the same wavelength—she's just a female version of me. We could relate to each other and we had lots of things in common."
However he's not so keen on his other girlie housemates. He said Nikki was the most annoying thing about being in the house, branded Aisleyne "over-emotional" and described Jennie as a "fiery rocket, who didn't know when to shut up".
But he tipped Glyn to win. He said: "He's true and honest. He has been on such a journey during the last few weeks."
As for Pete: "He's awesome." 

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