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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

Twin Peek: Stunning pictures of Britain's most beautiful twins

NO YOU'RE not seeing double guys - Britain's Most Beautiful Twins unveil the reasons why they're the country's sexiest pair.

Gorgeous Anna and Alexis Fronda peeled off the layers for these exclusive sexy snaps for their favourite Sunday newspaper.
And while we're Big On Sundays - their stunning 32C figures will ensure they make a Big Impact when they jet to Las Vegas next month.

Alexis revealed: "We can't believe what's happening to us right now. "We only entered the competition for a bit of fun, we never thought we'd win."

The 23-year-olds posed in matching outfits to show our readers why they were chosen to represent the country in the Body Doubles' international competition.

And they now hope to take America by storm in the finals when they go up against twins from Brazil, Australia and China.

The sisters own an online fashion accessory business and are due to open a shop in Bournemouth, Dorset.

But if they win the competition on May 27 they will each receive a modelling contract worth POUNDS 14,000.

They both have boyfriends. Alexis refers to Daniel, 20, who she met while on holiday in Marbella as her 'toyboy'.

She said: "I met him while we were out clubbing one night, and we've dating for the last eight months."

Anna's boyfriend is a 25-year-old builder called Lee. Ironically, Lee had also been on holiday in Marbella at the same time as the girls, but they only got together when they got home.

Alexis added: "I get on really well with Daniel, he's not the type I normally go for but he's a really gentle and romantic lover.

"He bought me 22 red roses on our first date. He's taken me to a health spa, and on holiday to the Caribbean.

"The boys can tell us apart, but we do sometimes wind them up. Anna sometimes answers the phone and pretends to be me - they get so embarrassed.

"Daniel is my perfect guy, he treats me like a princess. We get to see each other at weekends and we make the most of them."

If they win the world competition the girls will get to spend a year jetting from one exotic location to another for fashion shoots.

Alexis added: "It's all really exciting and we can't wait to get over there, although we know the competition's going to be tough."

Thousands all over the world are expected to watch the show, but the cheeky pair aren't nervous - they're used to being the centre of attention.

Anna admitted: "We get a lot of attention when we go out, even though we don't go looking for it.

"People always comment because there's two of us. Guys are always making jokes and comments like 'oh, is it two for the price of one', or 'is it buy one get one free tonight'."

The girls also know how to have a bit of fun with the fellas, when it comes to using their matching good looks.

Anna said: "There was one time when a boy was desperately in love with Alexis but she couldn't stand him.

"So to save her the embarrassment of turning him down I went out with him instead.

"We went to the cinema, had a snog and he didn't even realise I was the wrong girl."

Alexis added: "Another time we both pulled the same guy on a night out and he didn't even realise he was getting off with both of us!

"I pulled him and then went to find Anna and told her I'd just kissed this really cute bloke.

"But she told me she'd pulled a fit guy as well. "We had a bit of a jokey argument about whose was better looking, but then pointed out the same bloke.

"He thought he'd been kissing the same girl all night and didn't realise there was two of us. He was over the moon when he found out and I think we made his night - it was a New Years' Eve as well."

The girls jet out to the States on May 22 and then take part in a week's worth of events similar to a beauty pageant.

And judging by our pictures we're sure they'll make a few good points while they're out there. 

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