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четверг, 29 сентября 2016 г.


THE maid battered by out-of-control supermodel Naomi Campbell today speaks for the first time in graphic detail about the chilling attack that could send the catwalk queen to prison.

Battered housekeeper Ana Scolavino—left sobbing and covered in blood from a head wound—believes 35-year-old Campbell's violent rages could kill.
"She is so crazy you never know when she will hit out. Anything can send her into a frenzy," says Ana, spilling the beans about her three months of hell in Campbell's weird world.   She tells how the screaming supermodel HUMILIATED her and other staff daily before the terrifying attack in a row over a pair of jeans. And she reveals how the star's OBSESSION with staying thin—guzzling bizarre juice cocktails fuelled her furies.

Ana, 38, talks exclusively to the News of the Worldahead of September's New York court case in which Campbell faces an indictment for assault. If found guilty she could get seven years.

But Ana believes it will take more than a spell behind bars to cure Naomi.
"There is not a single nice bone in Naomi's body. She is a psychotic monster. On the catwalk she might look beautiful—but apart from her face in person she is the ugliest person I have met.

"She needs serious psychological help before she hurts or even kills someone. I should know—I am lucky to be alive."


Colombian-born Ana felt the backlash of Campbell's infamous temper from the moment she landed the £10-an-hour job at her New York penthouse at the turn of the year. 

"Every day she was like a wild, caged animal ready to pounce on any victim, screaming and swearing at everyone," says Ana. Then two months into the job came the vicious attack. She said: "Naomi came home from Europe raging about the state of the house and that there were clothes everywhere. But that was typical Naomi. One minute she'd shout at you, ‘Don't dare touch my f****** clothes' then the next she was rampaging around screaming they'd not been put away. 

"She pointed her finger in my face and told me I was ‘f****** useless' and a ‘f****** thief' who had stolen her jeans. 

"Her face was all contorted like a mad witch. Oprah Winfrey was due to come round and as ever Naomi was blaming everyone else for her inability to cope. 

"I offered to help her find the jeans and tidy up but this just enraged her more. When I went upstairs to look for them she followed me, screaming: ‘What the f*** are you doing?' That was it for me. "I turned round and in a calm voice told her I was quitting. She gave me this evil look I will never forget. 

"My heart was pounding. I was terrified of what she was going to do next so I went to get down the stairs and out of there. 

"The next thing I felt a searing pain in my head. Then her silver mobile phone fell next to me on the floor. I don't know if Naomi had thrown it at me or come up behind me and hit me with it. 

"I put my hand to my head and felt blood pouring out. I knew I had to get out before she went for me again. It was then she charged down and tried to stop me. She put her arms round me and screamed that I had to stay. 

"I kept saying, ‘Get off, Naomi, I am leaving.' Not once did she attempt to get something to stop the bleeding. Then a male friend of hers who was in the house came over and told her to get off. He kept saying, ‘Oh my God, Naomi, what have you done?' 

"I told her to get out of my way so I could go to hospital but she begged me to see her private doctor, obviously so no one could see what she had done. It was then I dashed out." 

At hospital Ana was given five stitches to the back of her head. She later made a statement to police. 

Now Ana—who lives with her husband Lawrence, 47, in New York—believes she had a lucky escape. She reveals she was first on the receiving end of Campbell's temper the morning after she met her. "I'd arrived at 7.45am and was in the kitchen when she woke and screamed, ‘Ana, where is my f****** juice?' 

"I had no idea what juice she was talking about so she stormed to the kitchen and told me every morning she would need me to mix the juice of two lemons, some paprika, cayenne pepper and water. 

"It looked vile but apparently it helps keep you thin. She drank litres of the stuff and as far as I could see barely ate, which just made her even more irritable as she was starving all the time. 

"There was always something which would set her off. If she was going away all her clothes had to be packed a certain way with tissue between each item. 

"Once she screamed at another maid and sacked her after she put a pair of her jeans in the wrong case. We just spent our life walking on eggshells. 

"In Naomi's world we were all, in her words, ‘f****** useless'." 


Ana was just another in a long line of Campbell victims. In March 2005, the model was said to have slapped assistant Amanda Brack and beaten her around the head with a Blackberry handheld personal organiser. The star's spokesman Rob Shuter denied the incident ever took place. 

In November 2004, we revealed how the model attacked her PA Amie Castaldo, 33, who had her lip bitten and was headbutted. 

Italian actress Yvonne Scio, 37, has also claimed the model left her "covered in blood" after a spat at a Rome hotel. Yvonne claimed: "She punched me in the face. She was like Mike Tyson." 

In 2001, PA Simone Craig claimed Naomi held her hostage in a hotel and hurled a phone at her. Campbell once appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss her temper which she blamed on being abandoned by her father before she was born. 

The model has recently been spotted wearing a T-shirt with the logan ‘Naomi Campbell hit me — and I loved it'. 

Ana says: "It sickens me she can even try to make a joke out of all the hurt and abuse she has inflicted on people. 

"I hope she is finally punished properly for what she has done." 

A spokesman for Naomi Campbell said: "We do not wish to make a comment."

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