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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

Depraved... the final nightmare for Kate Moss

Doherty's shock heroin picture is end for Moss
Depraved... the final nightmare for Kate
By Ryan Sabey
THIS IS the stark, disgusting picture that should finally shock Kate Moss into giving Pete Doherty the boot.

Half naked on his bed, eyes staring vacantly into oblivion, the junkie rocker plunges a needle into his arm and openly injects heroin.
Terrifyingly, it was shot just SEVEN WEEKS AGO, only days after he appeared in court facing jail and vowing to stay off hard drugs.
The nightmare scene will horrify supermodel Kate, 32, who last month rekindled their on-off relationship with a weekend of booze and wild sex.
The cocaine-shame model, who underwent rehab, has been warned by her ex Jefferson Hack to keep away from drugs or face losing custody of daughter Lila Grace, three.
A source said: "He doesn't want the little girl anywhere near Pete. This will just make things worse."
The devastating picture was taken in mid-February at the Babyshambles frontman's £275,000 flat in Hackney, east London, where he often invites fans back and holds impromptu gigs.
Shirtless on the crumpled purple sheets, the ex-Libertines singer is hunched forward with a tourniquet clamped around his left arm.
He holds a syringe filled with blood pressed into his flesh. Addicts draw blood back to make sure they've found a vein and to weaken the heroin mixture as it goes in.
The needle can be clearly seen in the vein as cross-legged Doherty, 27, raises his hooded eyes toward the camera.
Astonishingly, he seems happy to have his most depraved shameful moments captured on film.
A source said: "Pete's been taking drugs for so long now it's like having a cup of tea. He's had so many that even after he's taken a hit it doesn't seem to affect him."
A week before this was taken, Doherty was warned by magistrates in Ealing, west London, he could be jailed. He admitted possessing heroin, cocaine, cannabis and morphine last year and got a 12-month rehabilitation order.
Asked if he was going to stay off drugs, he said: "Definitely as far as crack and heroin are concerned."
This shocking picture tells a wildly different tale.

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