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четверг, 29 сентября 2016 г.


LOVE ISLAND'S Bianca Gascoigne showed her bricklayer lover there was mortar sex than he ever thought possible.
Soccer hero Gazza's stepdaughter got down and dirty in a Hertfordshire field with Lee Chittenden when she rolled in the mud and hollered her way to ecstasy.
And over six frantic months the 19-year-old TV beauty:
  • CLUNG naked to the handrails of her mum's swimming pool so Lee could perfect his breaststroke.
  • TURNED up at his parents' house two days after they met and stripped in his bedroom.
  • LEAPT on him with such force during one sex session that she hurt both her knees.
    Lee, 22, told the News of the World: "I saw Bianca near enough every day for that six months, and every time she wanted sex — especially outside where she could make as much noise as she wanted.
    "One of our favourite spots was Prospect Fields in Cheshunt. Bianca loved it.

    "We'd get filthy and she'd be covered in mud. But I think that was part of the buzz for her." Lee, of Cheshunt, Herts, started seeing Bianca when she lived in nearby Great Amwell with her mum Sheryl and brother Mason.
    "Two days after our first date, she turned up at my door," he said. "I was still living at Mum's so I showed her into my room while I went to get a drink.

    "When I got back, she was sitting in my bed with her top off. Then she started fondling me. She always made the first move.
    "When we were at her place, she'd disappear into her en suite bathroom and walk out naked. Then she'd tell me exactly what she wanted."
    One espisode that really stands out in Lee's mind took place at the Gascoigne family swimming pool.
    "Bianca turned the heating up really high so it was like a bath," he said. "Then she stripped off and I did the same.
    "Steam was coming off the water. It was incredibly sexy. Finally she draped herself over the steps and we started having sex.
    "The pool was down the other end of the garden from the house and screened by trees—which meant we were hidden.

    "But it also meant we couldn't see if anyone was coming until it was too late. Bianca loved the thrill of taking chances like that.
    "When we were going out she looked a little chunkier than she does on Love Island.

    "Her mum was always ordering pizza and take-aways, which can't have helped. Anyway, during one sex session she leapt on me so hard that she hurt her knees. I tried to lift her up but I just couldn't."
    Sex apart, said Lee, another reason to date Bianca was the chance to meet Gazza, even though he was already divorced from Sheryl.
    Lee, who now lives with his new girlfriend Sarah, admitted: "Gazza was a huge draw.

    "I met him about five times when he was visiting. The first time he gave me the third degree, wanting to know who I was, where I lived and what I did."
    But Lee always knew that his time with Bianca, which ended the year before last, would only be short-lived.

    "She had dumped my mate Steve so she could go out with me," he said. "Then she dumped me to go out with my other mate, Ozzy."
    On Love Island, Bianca— linked on the show with Streets singer Leo Ihenacho—has traded on her butter-wouldn't-melt image.
    But that was exploded last week when another ex-friend revealed in the News of the World that she got her kicks from watching drug users get high on cocaine and ecstasy — because she liked to be in control of everything.
    That's something Lee certainly recognises. "Once she threw a strop when she was stopped from going into a pub because she didn't have any ID," he said.
    "She just screamed, ‘Don't you know who I am? I'm Gazza's daughter.' And she was always bragging about how Gazza gave her £1,000 for her birthday.
    "She was always telling me, ‘One day, I'm going to be famous too'.
    "Now, with Love Island, she's got her way again." 
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