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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

Bonking Boris Johnson in amour trouble

By Neil McLeod & Ross Hindley
BONKING Boris Johnson was at it again last week —despite the growing crisis threatening his marriage and political career.
The sex-mad Tory MP sneaked into a posh hotel in Paris for a night of love with a mystery woman just days after we revealed he was cheating on devoted wife Marina again.
Johnson, 41, checked into the four-star Pershing Hall on Thursday under a false name, missing a connecting flight to London on his way home from a fact-finding trip to China as shadow higher education spokesman.
"He was with a woman in the same room. She did not check in or give her name," a receptionist told us. The couple left 40 minutes apart in a carefully timed operation the next morning.

A pal of the philandering toff— whose affair with 29-year-old journalist Anna Fazackerley was revealed by the News of the World last week—said: "It's almost as if the danger of it all is what drives him. He just can't resist the lure of one night with a lover in a romantic city."
Now Johnson—who quipped he would need a "tin hat" after our revelations—will probably need a suit of body armour when Marina reads this.
Johnson jetted into Charles De Gaulle airport on Air France flight AF117 from Shanghai, shortly before 6pm on Thursday. He was due to catch connecting flight AF2270 to Heathrow at 7pm.
But while waiting for his luggage, Johnson was seen sending a series of texts. Then he grabbed his bags and dashed out of the airport, catching a cab into Paris.
He headed to the £400-a-night Pershing Hall, near the Champs Elysées, and checked into Room 47 as Leo Johnson—the name of his film producer younger brother who has a flat in Paris.
A hotel source said: "He may have checked in as Leo, but the name on his passport was Boris."
Later he was joined by his mystery companion who stayed with him overnight. The receptionist told us: "I knew she was in Mr Johnson's room because she asked me to book her a taxi for Room 47 at 7am. When she left, he stayed until 7.40am when he also asked for a taxi." Boris's cab dropped him at the Gare du Nord train station where he caught the Eurostar to Waterloo arriving just before 11am on Friday.
Yesterday he whisked divorce barrister Marina and their four children off to Heathrow for a hastily arranged foreign holiday.
A close pal said: "He knows he's got to make amends."
Boris did the same when we caught him having an affair with Petronella Wyatt, a writer at the posh Spectator mag where he was editor, in 2004. After promising to do "whatever it takes" to repair his marriage, he took Marina skiing in the Austrian alps.
His current mistress Anna has gone to ground after we uncovered her trysts with Johnson at her Chelsea flat. But a source said: "Anna intended to meet up with Boris in Paris on his way home from China."
Johnson did not return any of our calls.
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