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пятница, 30 сентября 2016 г.

7 things men should know about the vagina

SEXUALITY - Of all the pleasures of life, sex is potentially one of the most rewarding.

When they are going well, regular sex can improve relations between the couple and personal development. Not to mention they are really good ! But if you are a straight, there is one thing you need to know on the fingertips to boost your pleasure. It's about…

In the female reproductive system, things get complicated quickly. Yes, vagina -a term that people often use wrongly when they want to talk about vulve- is as delicate and complex (but also highly resistant).

Knowing the can really improve your love life. Basically, if you know what you do, your partner will probably want to get laid more often, resulting in all sorts of benefits for your health to both ...

Studies have shown that men who have sex at least twice a week usually have fewer cardiovascular problems. Sex when they are satisfactory, also generate endorphins that can reduce stress and improve sleep for both partners .

But for great sex and preliminary worthy of the name, things do not happen by themselves. That is why we have compiled a list of 7 things men should know about the vagina to help them master the arcane.

1. You probably confuse vagina and vulva.

Technically speaking, the vagina is the inner member that connects the cervix to the vulva. This is the "hole" that penetrate (usually) the penis or fingers, and which pass the baby during childbirth.

The vulva is the term for all external organs of the female genital tract . Basically, all you see when you are between the thighs of your partner. It includes the vagina, the pubis, the labia majora (creases that are located on each side of the vulva) and the labia minora (smaller folds, toward the orifice), urethra (through which urine passes ) and the clitoris (more details on this vital organ below).


2. Women can also have an erection

Like the penis, which is when blood throat man is excited, the woman's clitoris can also harden.
When she is excited, blood flow it makes you fat and makes it very sensitive to touch . Warning! It can even become extremely painful and retract to avoid stimulation .

3. The clitoris is a real pleasure to plant

Featuring some 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris has only one function: to give pleasure to the woman. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, a gynecologist at Columbia University and author of Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Deserve says that it is the only organ in the human body to be exclusively dedicated to pleasure,

It does not also to summarizes the little button that overlooks the junction of the labia minora; he has a body and two roots that follow the curve of the pubic bone. These elements can be "very sensitive," says our expert. "I generally recommend to women and their partners to try different positions [during preliminary and during penetration] to stimulate the clitoral tissue all, not just the head."

4. A woman can be excited even if the vagina is not lubricated

If the female body naturally secretes a vaginal lubricant, Dr. Hutcherson says that this is not always the case, especially after menses. Some medications and antihistamines, hormonal changes, birth control pills and age may hinder this process.

"Men have a great ignorance of vaginal secretions," she said. Most do not also know that a woman can be excited even if sex is not very humid.

Some women also take longer to feel excitement when they are with the same partner for a long time. "Initially, the secretions are abundant and very fast, because of all the chemical and hormonal reactions that run through your body. But, as and when these reactions subside. "

Anyway, it suggests to men to be patient and prolong foreplay if the secretions are not sufficient. "The excitement can take time to climb in women. This is something they do not understand. "


5. Most women do not reach orgasm through vaginal penetration

"Men think that they should just reach a point in the vagina to enjoy women that their penis is enough to give them orgasms century. It is unfortunately not the case, "says Dr. Hutcherson.

Moreover, a 2009 study found that three-quarters of women never had an orgasm during penetration only (that is to say without using sex toys, or oral sex or manual). According to our expert, preliminary and external stimuli often play a more vital role that penetration to reach orgasm.

She suggests starting with small caresses on the clitoris and lips, which can be very sensitive but are often overlooked. And if you really want to make him turn his head, oral sex are "the easiest way to give pleasure to most women."

6. In terms of female sexual stimulation, there is really no rule

One of the most common errors on the female pleasure is to think that all women are excited by the same.

"Every woman is different and it does not react the same way. Some body parts are more sensitive than others, and these areas vary between women. "To enjoy, some need to be stimulated the clitoris, while others need to be penetrated. The idea is to alternate positions, techniques and lapped areas to see what your partner is the most sensitive.

"Men should not impose their idea of ​​female sexuality with their partners. Can be fun to find out what makes the effect to another, and what excites us mutually. "

7. This is the key point G

The G-spot is controversial among gynecologists: some experts believe they have found the exact location , while others even doubt its existence . Dr. Hutcherson think this mysterious point actually refers to a glandular area around the urethra, the anterior vaginal wall.

"The G-spot is not one," she said. "This is the vagina area that provides the most pleasure to women, but it is not the same at all."

To find it, it offers its patients to follow these instructions:

Lubricate the fingers of your dominant hand and insert into the vagina, palm up.
Push them deeply until you feel the cervix.
Bring them slightly outward and caress the anterior vaginal wall to where it is most sensitive.
Fold your fingers and pat the area in question, "like you to tell someone to approach."
Start slowly, and then louder gradually.

Be touched, or it is observed that one swoons over the thing to never forget the vagina, is the need to listen to the one to whom it belongs.

"Everyone is different, everyone takes pleasure differently. This is the charm of our species. To find what works for you and your partner, try different things, be open and be creative, "she says.

This article, originally published on the Huffington Post US , was translated by Shiff Bamiyan to Fast for Word .

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