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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

Some people prefer the good old sheen and hardness of a wooden floor. It’s classy, it’s hard, and it’s wood. So if the thought of ripping off carpets and have your floors sanded to get that down to that hardwood crossed your mind, then you should also consider one other thing - maintenance.
Here are some pointers in keeping that hardwood floor shiny for years to come:
  • Waxes
    The most common floor waxes contain petroleum solvent so better have some ventilation when applying these things. They’re noxious. Some waxes are water-based but steer clear of these. Water damages and discolors wood.
  • Don’t be lazy, buff the wax
    Floor waxes usually need to be buffed after drying for you to get that sheen. Some one-step-leave-on waxes usually have duller finishes and attracts dirt. Besides the added task of buffing is good exercise.
  • Get an electronic floor polisher
    Still too lazy but you want that great hardwood floor? Get an electronic floor polisher to buff that wax with less effort.
  • Wax with coloring agents
    Those wax should be used only on very dark wood like walnut or rosewood. Coloring agents may just accentuate scratches and dings on a light-colored wood.
  • Consider a polyurethane finish
    Several coats of a polyurethane finish would get you that shiny wooden floor that requires little to no maintenance. You need not even wax these. Routine dusting and . You might need to do some refinishing every few years though.

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