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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

Federlyin' cheatin' scumbag! AND Rav's showbiz roundup

BRITNEY SPEARS is just weeks away from announcing she'll divorce hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE after finding out he's betrayed her TWICE, I can exclusively reveal.
The pop princess, who is five months pregnant with their second child, is poised to give him the boot over his LYING and CHEATING.
First Kev two-timed her, and then Brit found out he'd been sneakily tipping off the US press about her.
I told you last week how Britney has signed preliminary divorce papers. But her PR camp have told her to keep tight-lipped until she has thrashed out a plan with her lawyers.
A source close to the singer said: "She's planning to divorce him on the grounds of adultery. Kev has just carried on his partying ways and been spotted with various women."
The last straw came when Britney found out Kev and pals were leaking stories. So she made one up about landing a lucrative gig in Vegas and a week later it was reported. The source added: "She knew Kev was behind it."
SPOTTED...EDITH BOWMAN with fella TOM SMITH at the Isle of Wight festival. Rumoured... KATE MOSS turning up with PRIMAL SCREAM.
Trim-endous Mariah

MARIAH CAREY looks trim-endous after losing two stone in as many months.
Here she is showing off her flat tum at a gig in New Jersey this week.
She said: "I've been working out and the weight has dropped off."
Rockin' up the aisles

I HEAR rocker KEITH URBAN is going to sing at his wedding to NICOLE KIDMAN.
The pair tie the knot on June 25 but drew a blank finding a band because the dates clashed.
My source said: "Keith said he'd do it in between the speeches."
WELL done to my mate CHRISTIAN PANAYIOTOU from the Wellington Club who's just won Top Host at the London Bar and Club Awards. Top man.
Dannii's stripe-tease

HERE'S DANNII MINOGUE showing her bands of hoops and glory!
The Aussie singer looked stunning in these sexy black-and-white striped bikinis.
Seems these exclusive shots—out now in the latest issue of GQ mag —show that Dannii knows how to put on a really good lines up. You could say it's Perfection! 

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