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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

England's big hitter Kevin Pietersen pops question to his liberty X babe

I asked Jessie to be my bride and she said Yes! Yes! YES!
By Polly Graham
ENGLAND cricket hero Kevin Pietersen revealed last night how he knocked Liberty X girlfriend Jessica Taylor for six by popping the question.
He whisked her off to a romantic castle by helicopter, got down on one knee, then proposed with an amazing diamond and platinum ring.
It was a breathtaking climax to their whirwind five-month romance, and the delighted singer declared: "Yes! Yes! YES!"

Just hours later News of the World columnist Kevin exclusively told us: "I planned it all a couple of weeks ago.
"Jessica knew we were going away by helicopter on a dinner date.
"But she didn't guess about the proposal, which is pretty amazing because all the signs were there."
Kevin, 25, is determined to keep the castle's location a close secret so it can remain the couple's special place. But the grinning star said: "It was really exclusive and tucked away.
"When we got there on Thursday we didn't see anyone apart from the manager.
"We were eating in a private room and I proposed over dinner. I'd had a ring specially made up, and I knelt down and asked her to marry me. I did it very, very traditionally."
Kevin had even secretly asked permission of 25-year-old Jessica's parents Josh and Linda beforehand.
"I think that's the respectful thing to do," he added. "They were delighted about it and gave their blessing."
Kevin made sure the dazzling engagment ring would bowl Jessica over, too.
He stumped up a fortune for a stunning square-cut 2 carat diamond surrounded by lots more diamonds and all set in platinum.
"It cost plenty!" laughed Kevin. "It was perfect.
"Everything was perfect...and the ring fitted perfectly which was great.
"When I actually popped the question Jessica just burst into tears of joy and immediately said yes—over and over.
"She was as happy as anything. I was relieved—but I'd have been very surprised if she'd said no.
"About two minutes before I did it I went through a very nerve-racking time, though. But I was 100 per cent sure that she would say yes."
The happy couple spent the night at their castle retreat and flew back to London on Friday morning.
"Everyone is ecstatic, my parents, Jessica's family, everybody," said Kevin. "We haven't even thought about details of the wedding because we've literally only been engaged a few hours."
South African-born Kevin admits he knew Jessica was right for him within weeks of being introduced by a mutual friend in January.
Speaking about their romance for the first time, he confessed: "I realised very early on she was the one for me.
"I called my brothers, who are married, and told them, ‘You just know, don't you?' And they agreed with me. Even back then I was convinced Jessica was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with."
And Jessica was smitten pretty quick, too. At the time, Kevin—now sporting a crewcut after ditching his colourful skunk mane—was still basking in the glory of England's Ashes win and had scores of beautiful women running after him.
A month after they met, Jessica said: "I've been single for ages so it's great to finally meet someone.

"We've only been out a few times, but we've really hit it off."
Jessica had shied away from romance after splitting with long-term boyfriend, TV actor Stuart Manning, two years ago. Meanwhile Kevin broke up with his girlfriend, TV presenter Natalie Pinkham, during the Ashes victory celebrations last September.
He then dated model Caprice and flew her out to Sydney to be his partner at a bash honouring the game's top stars.
But that romance lasted just three weeks. And two months later he was hooking up with Jessica.
Now, hailed a contender as a future world No1 batsman after two centuries in the drawn series against Sri Lanka, Kevin is looking forward to the innings of a lifetime...with the belle from Liberty X.

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