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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd

By Gemma Calvert
ENGLAND ace Teddy Sheringham is dating stunning new Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd after making a pass at her while JUDGING the contest.
The football legend flirted with the 22-year-old model as she won the title last Saturday.
Since then they've been on one romantic date and have been phoning and texting non-stop.
Amazingly renowned marksman Teddy has yet to SCORE.
Coy Danielle said last night: "Teddy is really cute, that's all I'm going to say.
"But I've been single for two months and I can't wait to make love to a man I really care about."
Last night a friend confirmed: "They are together but it's early days. Danielle doesn't want to say anything that might jinx it."
The News of the World can reveal the West Ham striker right) is in for a treat when he does get past her token defence. Because Danielle is a bit of a game girl.
She told the pal she is planning a wicked night to end her eight weeks of celibacy. She teased: "I'd cook up my favourite meal—steak and chips and champagne.
"As an hors d'oeuvre I'd wear my sexiest lingerie in the kitchen while making the food just to get him going. Then I'd serve something special for dessert—ME!"

You can't miss, Teddy!
Danielle continued: "I wouldn't rule out doing it on the dining room table. I'll have sex anywhere—but not outside. I'd be scared of getting caught.
"But I'm quite a spontaneous girl when it comes to sex."

It's a sitter, Teddy!
She winked: "I joined the Mile High Club three years ago. I was flying back from a holiday in Ibiza with an ex-boyfriend and we couldn't resist each other.
"We sneaked into the loo and went for it even though it was a bit awkward in that confined space."
Open goal, Teddy!
She revealed: "My boobs are naturally a size DD and I'm blessed with a skinny body but I go to the gym four times a week. I've heard sex is the best form of exercise so I figure that with the right man I could cut it down to two!"

Back of the net, Teddy!
A close pal confessed: "Since Teddy laid eyes on Danielle he's been like a fully-charged steam engine phoning and texting.
"They're trying to keep it secret but it's not going to be easy because she's so excited about it."
Single Teddy, 39, who came on as sub in West Ham's 2-2 draw at Everon yesterday, split with with fiancée Nicola Smith in 2001, He made his first play for Scouser Danielle during the Miss GB contest. He asked her: "You're a gorgeous-looking girl, you must get footballers cracking on to you. So which one's your favourite?"
With a wink she replied: "You, of course". And Teddy said: "Well, you're definitely my number one".
The ex-Man Utd star was later spotted snogging Danielle at the contest's after-show party at London's trendy Pangaea nightclub.
He then arranged to meet her from a photoshoot at a hotel on Wednesday night.
He arrived alone at 7.45pm, made a phone call to her from reception then left with her minutes later.
Danielle's friend added: "She is completely flattered that Teddy is interested in her, especially after he was kissing the face off her in Pangaea. She can't quite believe her luck.
"Danielle's gorgeous. Like any hot-blooded male Teddy can't get enough of her and definitely wants more."
Meanwhile the new Miss GB has confessed: "I go for men with good, toned bodies—a nice six-pack and toned footballer's legs.
"A man needs a high energy threshold and lots of stamina to keep up with me in the bedroom!"
Any good at keepy-uppies, Teddy?

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