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среда, 28 сентября 2016 г.

JAMES Blunt's engagement to heiress Camilla Boler

JAMES Blunt's engagement to heiress Camilla Boler is on the rocks after his night of lust with Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.
Camilla—inspiration behind Blunt's smash hit You're Beautiful—is totally shattered by his cheating, according to close pals.
And she's furious the star hasn't even been to see her since Tara revealed the affair a fortnight ago.
A pal close to the couple said: "Camilla's in pieces, she loves James so much.

"She feels they should be together at such a crucial time—but she's unsure when she'll see him again as he's touring.
"She can't see any future in their relationship any more."
Camilla, whose late dad was Kitchens Direct tycoon Stephen Boler, has known Blunt for years and started dating him 18 months ago. But the beauty was left stunned when TV host Tara, 34, admitted spending the night with the star after flying to see him in New York.
Tara said: "If nothing had happened then I would have come right out and said nothing had happened.
"And I haven't done that, have I?"
Blunt's spokesman said the singer was unavailable for comment.

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